HATJ - On The Road Again

Update: email from HATJ: 8.18.17

Posted by BZ Riger at i-uv

August 18, 2017

Sent Date: Friday, August 18, 2017 8:22 AM
To: bzriger@gmail.com
Subject: URGENT! Departed today!

The gift got “shipped” to Randy this a.m.

See all in TN.

Heather is "the gift" or "package" being transported by the jail system to Tennessee where Randy is still incarcerated. Just a little hatj humor.

If you haven't been following, both Heather and Randy await trial on totally fraudulent charges. There is no doubt that this very public kangaroo trial is going to put a stop to the devious doings in court systems not just here in America but around the world. Heather doesn't get involved in anything that isn't purposeful and well planned, even if the plans are on a level that most of us don't understand. More of the underlying "truths" are being made visible every day.




By Sophia Love


Hey everyone. It’s like we are living an end times science fiction thriller, right now. Regardless of where you are on the “scale of skepticism”, some pretty extreme stuff is happening. It’s happening right now, to people you know (or know of). You cannot make this stuff up.

In July, two people, Randall Keith Beane and Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf, were detained by agents under very sketchy circumstances. Their story can be read here. They are still in custody.

Last night, the radio program “Fade to Black” with Jimmy Church, reported several blatant aggressive actions by a group which is participating in this deception of control. Corey Goode’s family has been threatened, Pete Peterson’s entire home has been emptied and buried, and it looks like David Wilcock’s brakes were sabotaged. Listen to that show here.

These are American citizens who have done nothing other than speak or act on the truth.

The Eclipse is coming up in just a few more days. In South Carolina, here is what they are saying about it (click here); it is really quite bizarre. Lizard’s seem to be on everyone’s brain. I’ve seen several references to them in the last few days; my own (here), Wisdom Teachings (from August 14th) on Gaia, and this radio show with James Gilliland. There are others. The purpose of mentioning them here is to show that our consciousness is raising on an epic scale. The population is feeling it, all of us.

I want to help. I write, pray, meditate, send cards and love where they are needed, but truthfully, what is the most effective thing that I or any of you can do right now? Some of us, light warriors and light workers, are working “the night shift”. Others of us are heading to Knoxville, TN to be present for that effort. Many, many of us are making videos and pushing on the system with withdrawals from our Treasury Direct Deposit Accounts, or whatever they are called in your country of origin. This is incredible and felt exponentially by every one of us.

I felt that there could be more, so this morning I reached out and asked “What more can I do? What more can we do?” Honestly, I’ve been gradually more and more horrified at the scope of this destructive effort by those who would keep us enslaved. This is real and has become quite personal. It took a bit to even center enough to ask the question. Once I did, the words that follow came flying in. I hope they will help you as much as they did me. They are from One.


These forces right now on your planet are beings who’ve turned 100% service to what they perceive as self. This “self” is a distorted image and in fact it is not self, but rather an imaginary view of a controlling force now embodied on earth as the cabal or deep state or the dark alliance or all of the above.

This force now present on your planet means to push their agenda forward to what they deem as an inevitable conclusion – domination of the planet.

It is important now for you to know that they are wrong about the inevitable conclusion – they will not dominate the planet. Their agenda is one of total destruction and will not be carried to completion.

How this ends however, is up to the beings involved – not just human, but all. There are many races now stepping in and up to the plate.

They are here for the final moments and these moments are here.

Do not lose faith. This agenda, the one put forth by the dark ones, is not the final story.

Your story has yet to be told. You are writing it now. Hold fast to every knowing you have of what is true, important and life sustaining. Now, perhaps to the greatest extent ever in your history, you need to remain clear and true to your purpose.

You’ve come to enrich a planet with love and unity. It (the planet) has felt you, and your intentions are seeped into all beings on her, on Gaia.

It is for this reason the push back is so blatant and aggressive. Fear predominates the agenda of the controllers.

Love must predominate the force of those here for other reasons. This would be all beings focused now on the light, on unity and on evolution. Continued focus and determination are paramount.

It is this moment now that all of your formidable power comes into play.

Use these most recent, blatant, aggressive and destructive actions as a catalyst for your own force. It is a force of love and it is this force that controls and sustains all of creation.

You come now to the table fully armed and prepared. Stay. Not to fight, but to propel the light that you are.


You are the ones you’ve been waiting for – let’s do this.

With gratitude and so much love,

~ Sophia

PS – I will be traveling for the Eclipse and unavailable for a few days. Please join the global meditation at the moment of the full solar eclipse on Monday 8.21.17. Focus on Unity. Corey Goode and Cobra have shared details in multiple languages, here. It is time.

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From HATJ - Reversals of Reversals; From BZ - Conference Call For Intent 8/18/17

# HATJ Focusing on the BIG, BIG, BIG, Outcome: Conference Call hosted by BZ Riger 8.18.17

By BZ Riger at i-uv

Posted August 17, 2107

Call is on Friday, August 18 2017, 6pm PDT

This call will give people who want to focus on the BIG, BIG, BIG, outcome for Creating the New Now, a space to connect and come together in Coordinated Cooperation.

We will talk a bit about your Treasury Direct Deposit accounts. Not a how to call, but the latest information Heather shared in her email (see below). People’s experiences, and DOings.

We will talk about pulling back the curtain and ripping it down.

The main purpose is to gather and connect our energy, in Play with the expansive outcome we have our focus on.

We will ride this expansive energy all the way through the Solar Eclipse on 8.21.17


Or, call in using your phone:

United States: +1 605-475-4120

United States: +1 712-832-8330

United States: +1 218-339-7800

United States: +1 605-475-2875

Access code: 953 2379- for all

Update 8.16.17 Email from Heather to Denice.

From Heather: awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The federal reserve bank, i love them…all reversals are being reversed immediately…the fed res knows (rather they just found out) if the fed res doesn’t reverse the reversals, the fed res gets locked out of all the systems globally and the systems self-power, self-automate, self-facilitate, self-validate, and self-correct (reversals of the reversals) per the orders of each Original Depository.

Guess what the primary standing order was from this Original Depository? See above…LOL ;)

Honey, I will share with all the amazing work and the powerful universal beings that are doing within the prison systems…it is beyond AMAZING…and all are beyond happy and joyous that this money-monster is in its final moments. My “inmate number” ends in “007″, LOL!!!!!!!!

Details on the global massive “prison-doing”, later.

Please amplify my tones of love and gratitude…

Love to Allllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denice on 8/16/2017 4:51 PM wrote:

Lots of love flowing your way! let me know what you need me to research and I can paste it here. I cannot imagine how it is there.. . .you have my complete admiration!

There are so many folks waking up quickly. . .every video is now getting over 10K views over the week.

There have been a few ‘reversals’ of the reversals. S had two yesterday ;)

Lots and lots of love!

I saw -007 and thought. . .hmmm. . .kinda cool!


Please share with missy, my dad, youssef, lisa, and everyone the data i gave you about reversals being reversed

not much longer, honey, before all is unfettered access and facilitation forevermore.

love you
love all



Summary of Calls Between Heather and BZ, August 15, 2017

Update on Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf 8.15.17

By BZ Riger at i-uv

Posted August 15, 2017

Update: 8.15.17 4:16 AM PST

HATJ current location


Register Number: 86748-007
Age:  45
Race:  White
Sex:  Female

Located at: Oklahoma City FTC , 7410 S MacArthur Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73169

Phone: (405) 682-4075
Population: 1,400
Security class: Administrative facility


The Federal Transfer Center, Oklahoma City is a United States federal prison facility for male and female inmates in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


Update: 8.15.17 11:21 AM PDT HATJ

– allowed 1 phone call, call from H to BZ

I was at work and received a no ID caller, call from H.

How did she sound/her energy…?

She was relieved/ rolling her eyes at the zoo, she just went through/excited/appalled “even with what I have seen” at level of corruption/ confident/ Fired up/ Ready to Finish this/Brimming with LOVE, flowing to Each of You.

I told H, what I had set up for her pre-paid calling in this new facility and how to use it, what code to give.

She asked me to fill her in with what I was doing and what was happening.

I told her we will:
- be hiring our own stenographer for the court hearing
- be hiring our own transcriptionist for the audio to transcribe

She said both of those were brilliant and very important would make a big difference. Because they are making the choices to hide things and falsify physical evidence. That those choices have serious outcomes for them.
- having as many people local to TN and other areas to court hearing, that it was looking like we would have a group from FL among other places.
- having someone like Neil W. if not him outside of court building during hearing to cover live
- that I was working to get a local PAC- public access community tv producer with professional equipment in the court room to cover proceedings.

H said she was blown away by this and in awe of what she was feeling about this DOing.

- I told her that we were digging under the ground on the USAA exec who is on the complaint.
- I told her we were digging under the ground on the judge on the docket on R case.

H said that the judge in Randy’s case has been paid off.

She said that she was familiar with the “price list” that is passed around, from the initial investigation she did [paradigm report] but she is seeing first hand how far it has expanded. That the judge has been paid to burry and block things.

She said that is the case in particular with many of the players.

- I said its the case, with the one who fell off the hill  he adds and subtracts letters depending on his geographical location.

H laughed. Said, he was very good at what he does, mr parker who has gone over the hill and fallen off.

H said by spelling his name like that, two different ways, he can save himself from all the dings/charges hitting all from one of his accounts and instead it spreads over the two.

- I told her that the main thing I was doing, what I considered the very most important DOing, was to get as many beings, thousands +, to play with me in focusing on the Big big outcome. Not just the HATJ and RKB outcome walking free in TN. But the Real outcome the expansive one.

H said yes the BIG BIG BIG, one !
I said that was the outcome I was focused on. That I was working up strategies to coordinate cooperation, to play and amplify that outcome. Because I knew that would change/shift/ alter the flow of the court case and All.
H said Yes! that will alter the flow of all. I am so grateful you are focusing your DOing on that.

I told her that so far the only charge they had listed was a Federal charge 999, and that the charge date was 7.26.17, the day after she was arrested in DC.
she laughed

H asked what does 999 charge detail.

I told her that most of my searches were not returning a detail for the 999 Federal charge
That the DOJ website for the Criminal Resource Manual section 901-999, just has that as the 999 charge codes within that section only have charge detail up to including 979.

I told her I would dig more and relay to her next call what specifics in the code if there were any to find.

H said that the other guests, knew who she was. That they knew what was going on, and that a few had been following what was going on and what she and everyone was doing since the beginning of July.

I told her that she was now Caucasian. And had gone through several transformations from leaving DC. 1st she was African American, then she was of African lineage, and now in OK she was just Caucasian.

She laughed, said Youssef had mentioned one of those changes to her.

H said that she had to spend quite a bit of time with the people who were attempting to book her, because they wanted to book her with her name spelled wrong. She said that is not my name, Hather…

She finally did get them to spell her name correctly HATJ- all caps.

Then they told her where to sign and she signed without prejudice.

All the other women in there were watching her and when each one of them stepped up for their turn they all/each one signed their names without prejudice.
big laughs on that, H said they were not pleased that everyone was signing this way!

She said it was a great trip out to OK, that Conair is not like the movie, Its really plush and very nice.

Much better then the regular airlines that people have to fly on.

H said, others on plane, the marshals etc were looking at her and wondering what she was doing on the cushy ride, she told them what she was in for and they all go it.

H asked about docs now in our files that have been Stamped by TN-

I told her all new docs Patricia had filed that Lisa created have been stamped and we have copies.

I told her the cancellation of true bill has been stamped and we have copies.

I told her I would confirm that H copy of all UCC filings and annexes and FT have been stamped and we have copies. (I told her I was pretty sure but could not bring a visual of the TN version of that into my sight so would double check) (The others I was certain of because I could bring them to sight)

H said they have not ever arraigned her, they still have to have an arraignment hearing for her.

I told her that their were 2 dates for Randy, a hearing date and trial date. I told her could not remember exact hearing date but was in September after labor day before the 9th. would look up and make sure next contact she called would have that information.

She said to keep continually checking, then she laughed and said, I don’t have to say that, you guys are so amazing you are all over it, ahead of it.

She said we blew Bos out of the water. He said he didn’t know how her team was doing it, because they knew things were happening/moving or being filed before he did.

She said to keep checking for an arraignment hearing scheduled, for before that first hearing date that Randy has. Then let her know.

H said for the first hearing in court she needs:
1 copy of the Stamped UCC fillings with annexes list and FT docs filed for HATJ in TN stamped in TN.
1 copy of the Stamped UCC fillings with annexes list and FT docs filed for RKB in TN stamped in TN.
1 copy of Stamped doc filling of cancelled True bill filed in TN
1 Copy of HATJ FT
1 copy of RKB FT

H said I Love You , thank you BZ.
Tell everyone that I Love You !

###     BZ

Update: 8.15.17 6:00 PM PDT

HATJ on phone with BZ

I had another short call from Heather this evening.

H said they can start using phones about 7:30-8 am local time. She will call one of us early.

H is anticipating being moved as early as tomorrow AM early to TN.

H says Not to worry about the docs, she’s got it handled… She love and appreciates her amazing team. and everyone.

Bill, on hiring the stenographer for the hearing(s) H would like to have us give her the person’s name and phone number so she can contact her right away.

H said she is very, very pleased to hear about the plans for focusing on the BIG BIG outcome. She stressed this is so Important. That she agrees, how it will amplify and shift the flow of the court hearing/case, so its very important to expand and amplify NOW.

She said that the Judge, Parker Still/Steill, et all are making their choices and different factions in the families… That this is why all this is unfolding so that all of the purported justice system/ all the other systems, what I refer to as the “false construct” all of it is falling down/crumbling/falling away, can be made visible to ALL.

She is so grateful to all , because each one who does as they feel moved to do adds their part to this final reveal.

H talked about that, there are huge outcomes for “the ones” and their choices, especially choosing to take the step to falsifying physical evidence, go in and strike documents from the record. etc.

The outcomes of their choices are very heavy. H said her discounted rate in hourly fee that is being drawn off the accounts of these beings is-  2.6 Quadrillion per hour. That is my Discounted rate she explained.

She is moving forward in love, coming to resolution softly and unbinding all, but their choices have outcomes and they are acutely feeling all of those now.

H asked that we keep checking scanning the TN court schedule calendar for any hearing that is scheduled for her, needs to know as soon as we see it.

H said she would call in the morning if she was not transported. And she would call as soon as possible if she is transported in the morning 8.16.17
### BZ


HATJ Update, August 14, 2017

Update: 8.14.17 on HATJ and her transfer to TN.

By BZ Riger at i-uv

Posted August 14, 2017

We’ve been tracking this through the day. Heather spoke with Youssef late last night and expected to be in processing and then transfer starting this morning.

Her signal was if she did not call between 8:30 – 9 am EDT that is where she was moved to in the NNRJ facility.

NNRJ, makes much of its money in the Jail Business consortium by being a transfer station for prisoners. Big profits from state and local funding of inmate allotements per bed and then from the federal contracts…

The processing takes time because it works the clock on hours and calendar and prison days etc.

The system at NNRJ, which updates every 15 minutes recorded HATJ’s release at 4:36 PM EDT

Depending on mode of transport used air or bus will determine how long before HATJ arrives in the TN facility.

Once she arrives, she will be allowed a phone call and I will update accordingly.

Once I have confirmation of housing and address I will let everyone know.



Transcript of Call Between Heather and Terran, August 11, 2017

Transcript of call from Heather 11 AUGUST 2017

Heather Recounts Washington DC Swearing In Ceremony Missing From Transcript

Posted by Terran at Terran Cognito

Terran note: Text in red are my notes and comments.

Heather Phone Call Transcript 11 AUGUST 2017

(transcribed by Denice from a recorded telephone conversation with Terran and Heather)

H: They were asking me do I “swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?” And I started out by saying, “By due sworn declaration... " and I stopped mid sentence because I felt two very strong energetic signatures swoop in... tried to figure out where they were coming from. And I said, can I have a second? She said sure.

H: Then I said, OK. She said OK that’s it. And I said, no. May I proceed?

H: She said, we still see you did it.

H: No, I said, No. Standing due identification correction. I am source of all that is. Original. Nunc pro tunc, praetera, preterea and I do swear to speak only true, accurate, and complete.

H: That was the entire swearing in and that was the only time I knew I would have to make the standing due identification correction

T: Right

H: so if it is not in there, that is what we call falsifying of the evidence. When they change the transcript like that. Because that right there was the ‘lynchpin’ of them not being able to do the whole identification hearing to begin with.

T: Yeah, it is completely missing from the transcript. It just says” sworn in? [there was one redacted sentence in the transcript]

H: Really? Wow!

H: So here is what happens when you have someone who knows completely how the game is played and they play it perfectly. That’s the best thing they can do is alter the physical evidence. And hope that it doesn’t stick

H: What they don’t understand is every single being is a transmitting/receiving utility. Well they understand that in a monetary sense [as in the TDA accounts with your name and Social Security number], but they don’t understand it in a practical application. [in their lives]

H: Even the conversations that they are having out in the park all by themselves, without their phones and their ‘secret’... those are recorded as well.

H: It makes NSA look like children playing with Fisher Price recording tools

H: So, like I said you can’t stop someone from being corrupt all you can do is accept evidence of their corruption and I can tell you... there is a reason why we are going through all of this... because it is never going to happen again.

H: Those that were in power are effectively being removed as we speak.

H: And they are removing themselves by their very choices. So we have the old world going out and we have the new world coming in.

T: we certainly feel the frequencies here shift.

H: oh, yeah! DC is no longer what it was before I arrived, even after I left it has completely changed. It is just deteriorating [the frequencies] faster and faster and faster. Until it is finally no longer there. And not just DC but all international equivalents, those are what we call Portal cities. Vatican, everywhere. And all the inner earth equivalents.

H: This is how it plays out...

H: Focus on the big picture... focus on the end result. Because that is where all the details go super fast when we only focus on the result. And we just handle the details as they come up.

H: If we focus on the details, it can feel like eternity and that is what makes it really heavy, really resistant. There was a resistance even to my presence physically here... so me feeling their setbacks... those frequencies are not pleasant.. And I have not felt these kinds of frequencies since the first time I ever went to London.

T: Right

H: This is how London felt. Very similar to Virginia, which is a very interesting observation.

T: at the jail there?

H: No I am not just talking about the jail. No the jail itself is a really grotesque example of how the prison systems are banks... this jail actually transports for the US Marshals for free because they get funding for each bed. And the women who are in here... They all know it is a money based operation. It’s very fascinating actually. To have a conversation with the women who are in here. They see what is going on.

H: They (the jail) basically get all this Fed money. You (the prisoner) get nothing in return. Essentially a uniform and some sheets. That’s it. For all the money they are getting for each one.

H: I do not know how much they (jail) are receiving but I know in DC they were supposedly getting 15K a day for each person.

H: But what I can tell you. At least the prisoners who are in here...

T: You can get a nice hotel for that... (laughter)

H: Yeah, right (laughter)

H: Makes Trump International look like the Motel 6

H: Yeah, it is grotesque but as far as Virginia itself... I have only been on the outskirts of Virginia and that was the weekend that Princess Diana got it. This is the first time I have been full-fledged ‘inside’... you know we are not that far from Richmond... not that far from Norfolk... but there’s also another base here about 7 miles from Warsaw. I don’t know the name. [there's actually two Dhalgren Naval Base (a directed energy weapons lab) and Dover AFB purportedly and SSP base]

H: I don’t go anywhere that it is not required. I go some places that it is really toxic and I have gone where there are some really toxic frequencies... but I can tell you this is probably the hardest one where I have been in the densest, toxic in this space. And that’s saying a lot coming out of DC.

H: DC actually felt light. Felt fun. Felt perfect. Ready right. Then there were a couple of decisions that were made... not even in the U.S., and that’s why this all began.

H: So all this talk of National security is a bunch of BS. .All the prison bonds are worthless, all the trading programs globally are worthless, because of the decisions they have made over the last two weeks.

H: They can play whatever semantic games they want, removing Nunc Pro Tunc praeteria preeteria... it doesn’t matter because they are toned. They are seen.

H: Luckily for everyone on this planet it is a paperless system now. So that is recorded, evidenced. And their corruption is evidenced. And we move forward. The Old world is out. It is out.

H: Anything that tries to stop Original from being Original... and how much more evidence do you need of someone trying to stop Original from being Original by removing a few seemingly, a few words? Nunc pro tunc, praeteria, preteria. How scared do they have to be to remove those four or five words? How powerful are those words?

T: I thought it was odd, because they left Parker Still’s sworn in ceremony there [Eastern Tennessee District Grand Jury Testimony]. And they truncated yours to just "(sworn in)".

H: Oh really? Yeah that would be DC records?

T: I am looking at the grand jury testimony of Parker Still and they swore him in. . .the whole thing was in there. But in DC it isn’t in there!

H: That is not how it is supposed to be. It is supposed to be word for word. They had to swear Parker Still in in DC. They swore him in and asked if he swore to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Could you look, is it cut for him?

T: Yeah, I will.

[Parker Steill/Still swearing in was trqnscribed as follows in the Washington DC transcript:

Having been called as a witness on behalf of the
Government and having been first duly sworn by the
Deputy Clerk , was examined and testified as follows::]

H: You guys will figure it out. It’s all there. Keep your eye on the big picture. Remember, this case is a Red Herring.

And like I told Z, when we talked. He said this is checkmate. I said yeah, it was checkmate four and a half years ago. So everyone wins on this. Just keep our eyes on the results? Ok?

T: Ok.

H: On the big picture.

T: I am going to fly into Nashville and my brother is going to pick me up and take me to Knoxville.

H: Oh good!

B: I saw him in Wyoming recently.

H: Right. Oh, that’s awesome! How far is Knoxville from Nashville?

T: About the distance from Austin to Houston.

H: Ok. Well my love to your brother. Thank him. And I will just see you and Y.

Jail Phone Recording: You have one minute left.

H: I love you guys! Thank you so much! Please tell Lisa to remove the money from the commissary.

T: I will.

H: Ok. Thank you.

T: Bye

H: Bye Bye.




By Sophia Love


​I am struck by the fact that “Pink” released the song “What about us?” yesterday. This could serve as humanity’s theme song right now. It is a message to the families and all who are embroiled at the upper levels of this unraveling slavery set-up here on earth. It stands as evidence for our awakening and for how to proceed.

Here are the lyrics:

We are searchlights, we can see in the dark
We are rockets, pointed up at the stars
We are billions of beautiful hearts
And you sold us down the river too far
What about us?
What about all the times you said you had the answers?
What about us?
What about all the broken happy ever afters?
What about us?
What about all the plans that ended in disaster?
What about love? What about trust?
What about us?
We are problems that want to be solved
We are children that need to be loved
We were willin', we came when you called
But man, you fooled us, enough is enough, oh
What about us?
What about all the times you said you had the answers?
What about us?
What about all the broken happy ever afters?
Oh, what about us?
What about all the plans that ended in disaster?
Oh, what about love? What about trust?
What about us?
Oh, what about us?
What about all the plans that ended in disaster?
What about love? What about trust?
What about us?
Sticks and stones, they may break these bones
But then I'll be ready, are you ready?
It's the start of us, waking up come on
Are you ready? I'll be ready
I don't want control, I want to let go
Are you ready? I'll be ready
'Cause now it's time to let them know
We are ready, what about us?
What about us?
What about all the times you said you had the answers?
So what about us?
What about all the broken happy ever afters?
Oh, what about us?
What about all the plans that ended in disaster?
Oh, what about love? What about trust?
What about us?
What about us?
What about us?
What about us?
What about us?
What about us?
What about us?

Right now, there is confusion and fear in place at every turn. Those of us previously enslaved are afraid to step beyond the illusory shackles for fear of getting “caught” and re-shackled. Those of us responsible for those chains are afraid of just what ramifications there will be when the rest of us realize what’s been done, and activate our freedom. The depth and scope of this enslavement reaches into every village and system on this beautiful planet. It will take your breath away.

We stand at this birthing of our new earth. What is done now sets a threshold of forgiveness that has not been seen ever. We have the chance to put our money where our mouth is and become here and now what we’ve envisioned only existed in dimensions and within beings at other frequencies, faster vibrations and more “enlightened” climates.

All of us do. Not just humanity. Not just the families. Not just the off worlders or inside the earth beings. Every single one of us.

All you need do is reveal and remain a source of constant compassion.

Regardless of origin or past actions or hybrid combination or bank balance – we are One.

Where you have walked, so have I. Period. There is no hierarchy of human, or of any sentient being. What can be done right here and right now is STOP THE KARMA.

We don’t have to come back and enslave, torture or abuse anyone. Let’s call it over. Done. No More. Let’s move on. We have the power to end this here and right now.

This is as much a call to those doing the enslaving as it is a call to those enslaved. We could use your formidable power to heal these people and this earth, the one we all stand on now and love. None of this happens without our collaborative agreement & mutual effort.

We have arrived at the moment where we move on. It is time. We have so much to do.

Let’s envision Randy, Heather and then every one of us free, with unfettered access to the accounts holding the monetary representation of our unlimited value.

I conducted a personal experiment with my account a few days ago. I used it to pay a bill online. Today, I was contacted by the company, and here is what took place:

The payment was returned. I spoke to an agent and she said: "Do you want to know the reason they gave?" I said, "Sure". She said "Insufficient funds". I laughed and said "Well, that's not true but I will send another payment later today. She said "Thanks for being so cooperative." I said, "You are welcome". It was like we were both saying two things at once... very strange.

This is GREAT NEWS... this is the next best thing to having access. The account IS THERE. They just switched it off. This is temporary until they figure out how to handle the millions of us wanting to use the accounts!

The accounts are real. The amount of money they hold doesn’t touch your actual value, but it’s a nice start.

Let’s hold off on attempting access until the systems have a chance to set it up. Trust. It’s happening.

I’d like to share a message from a friend that came a few days ago. It describes what is happening/could be happening for all of us right now:

“sometimes I feel like I am already in the 'new earth'. Maybe I have a good life but sometimes I look around and think everything is just fine.”

Trust, believe and feel it. In the meantime, let’s visualize and sense “free”. Start with Heather and Randall and then keep going, move on to all of the rest of us. This changes everything and it happens with love.

This is what you are. Use the power you hold to create now the world you want. This is why you came. You are a catalyst, a spark, a holder of the flame, an inspiration, a light worker, a light warrior & a brilliant beacon. You are gods in human suits. You are doing an incredible job! Thank you for assisting in ushering in this moment for the rest of us.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for ~ let’s do this.

With so much love,

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HATJ Update, August 11, 2017

Realize that what is going on with Heather is so much bigger than the TDAs. She is - and has been - working with the "controllers" of this world. These are what I often refer to as "the families" because of the bloodlines involved. These are the ones attempting to keep the debt slavery system in place, and that slavery system has tentacles in every sector of our lives, all possible because of the debt systems that they control.

Heather has been working with "the families" and others on both physical and etheric levels (or as Heather says "in form and no form"), on planet and off (or as Heather calls them "locals" and "non-locals). That's a huge responsibility for anyone, and can be very taxing on her physical body. What most of us don't realize is that we are often doing something similar, we just don't remember that we are! Because of the amnesia we all agreed to take on to "play" this game, most of us have zero to little recall of those activities.

What we do have recall of, and what we can do from our physical expression on Earth, is to continue to bathe Heather and ALL OF HUMANITY with loving energies. No retribution. No retaliation. Only pure love so that any being holding onto fear can release their fear and move on from the despicable things that have happened on this planet. The time to do this is NOW. Thank you all for being a part of this amazing effort to release the old paradigms and uncover - together - new ways of being!

Conversation between BZ and Heather at the Northern Neck Regional Jail in Warsaw, VA:

Update: 8.11.17 10:25 AM PDT

By BZ Riger at i-vu.com

When Heather called Lisa, just a few minutes ago. She mentioned she was not feeling well had a migraine. From all the dense, dros of energy in the area around the facility she is in.

She is working through it. And now has it a set up with funds to purchase the medicine headache medicine she needs. [another update mid afternoon or so ;) bz]

My request to all, if you feel moved to do so. Please surround Heather, the NNRJ facility she is in, all beings in the facility with love and healing heart opening energy.

Then have fun and paint the sky, the land, the bricks, and steel… of all buildings and facilities within a 100 mile radius of the area with joyful colors and energy and that same bubble of love.

Thank you,



HATJ Update, August 10, 2017

Latest updates below.

Not all data is being released at this time. Whether data is or isn't available, I suggest intending the highest possible outcome .. you/we are THAT powerful!

Keep accepting and amplifying love to ALL.

Update: 8.10.17 5:00 AM PDT

By BZ Riger at i-uv.com

BZ’s summary of many conversation gathering dots and connecting the dots of things that are unfolding right now.– Because I am recounting what I have found from different phone calls, txts, skype etc. When I write, I am the main “voice” speaking, if there is a short message from another that is noted. Other wise its from my direct experience and recounting what was told directly to me.

I was nudged to Wake UP! At 5 am PDT this morning.

A comment on I UV came in 2 minutes later. This is the screen shot.


I emailed the person to get more data and while waiting for that started to dig into possible sources and connected “dots”

From that I found in that initial digging VINE would have been the source.

I still had not heard back from commenter, but got on phone to call HATJ’s case manager.

Ms. Reid is no longer her case manager.

I was passed to H new case manager who is Mrs. Gabrielle Kenner.

I had long call w Mrs. Kenner her new case manager

H was moved to the RD: which is the Receiving and Discharging center.

I had a good connection with this woman on phone, not just the usual wrote answers to the 100′s of calls she gets. Gabrielle, said that H was transferred down to RD.

I asked what was the time stamp of that transfer on her inmate record screen/

She said 6:59 AM EDT

She said the system was not showing what exactly she was scheduled for.

I asked her Normally- for any other inmate that she is case manager for, would the screen she is looking at show her the dispensation of that inmate once the system said the inmate had been transferred to RD?

She said yes. If the inmate she was in charge of was transferred to RD once she was notified of that and looked in the system the RD- would tell her the specifics. She frowned and said, but now in H case it does not tell me anything-

there is no information on status.

so we will need to wait a bit and see.

she said I could keep in contact and follow up.

To me that is very telling and my feeling is H will be released. But since all of the old rules do not apply. Now that with H latest filling the Judicial system has been cancelled (yes it was before with original UCC filings. This document cancelled it with specificity and particularity.) The Judicial system is all electronic, meaning information/directives flow that way. Original flows through that electronic system giving the information/directives. This is what H and I were talking about on our recorded phone calls… About Original going in and updating/refreshing the data and overriding the Old system inputs.

The RD is where they are held before discharge. specifically discharge from that detention facility to—–

Gabrielle said if the inmate was scheduled for transfer to another jurisdiction- the system would specify that.

Now look back at the screen shot and the information that The System put out-

” HATHER TUCCI JARRAF, with the DCDC Number 360745, has been transferred from the Central Detention Facility to the Unknown.”

I can guarantee you, that is not part of the old system rules.

I also clarified this point with Gabrielle, H case manager. She said that the system would identify specifically where the transfer had been made to, as in another jurisdiction. But would not specify to whom, if H was picked up. And H would be given a chance to make 1 phone call to let me know where she was.

I received confirmation from Lisa, that “Russia” H inmate friend gave Lisa a quick call to say that H was moved from their floor down stairs to RD but did not know any more than that. This call was made at 9:49 AM EDT, as that was her earliest availability to call.

“Russia” said that H was moved downstairs at 5 AM EDT.

Remember that the system time stamp for H transfer to RD, was 6:59 AM EDT.

Snip of conversation in skype at this point-

BZ: Now I am working on reconnecting w Gabrielle for a status update via her internal screen.

there seems to be a coordinated effort of runn around…[a sense of confusion that what they are seeing is not the normal "script/storyline"] whether intentional or unintentional I have yet to get a clear read on.

Terran: Or there could be some high insider having a chat with her???

BZ: that is more my sense.

End snip

This is my sense because of the lag in time between when “Russia” had a visual that H was being moved to RD and noted time and Gabrielle stated, the system has the transfer time stamp.

In parallel to all of this I was also speaking with:

–the detention center liaisons who stated that, “She is still in this facility”

–the records department clerk who finally was communicative, not just “company line” said that the only thing the system was showing was that she was in Federal jurisdiction [that is the same jurisdiction she has been in since they have been holding H] and waiting in RD.

– the floor person at RD who said she was there and awaiting next move.

– the person who answered the phone number which was on the system alert about being moved to “The Unknown” which was supposed to be “the Department of Corrections’ Inmate Locator and Notification Coordinator” but the call went to Mr. Allen who is HR department.

Another snip of conversation in skype

Denice: I am getting that she needs to instruct them. Never been done before. No protocol.

Terran: Oh jeez more protocols

Denice: Lol no more prorocols. . the do not know what to do with her.

Terran: You mean the jailers?

Denice: The jailers in r & d

Terran: H will know what to do and say Might take bit and she might have to write up the piece of paper for them.

Denice: They rely on the computer to tell them what to do.

BZ: this is matching what I am finding out directly via phone from people with in the system.

End snip

If you focus/follow/see/connect the dots and what I have recounted here as to what I have experienced first hand you will see the old system is not running the computer screens and the “script” but Original.

I will keep you updated on what I see revealed next.



Update: 8.10.17 From BZ giving more Dots for you to “see” regarding HATJ where she is and what is transpiring.

HATJ is no longer in the custody of the DC detention facility.

HATJ is no longer in the DC District Court Jurisdiction.

HATJ is not in the East TN District Court Juristiction.

At approximately 2:50 PM EDT HATJ was picked up from the DC detention facility for transport and delivery to “Her next step” destination.

HATJ is safe.

HATJ is South SW of the Mason-Dixon Line.

HATJ is BEing and DOing what HATJ does best and has a lot to convey to both “local” and “non locals” involved in the current moment DOings.

All is Perfect and Perfectly done.

I want to remind you of HATJ’s quote from our conversation the other night:

“Its not just one person its ALL of us Together.

Its the most Unity. Its the most Awareness. And the most Utilization of Being Original. That has ever been experienced in ALL of Existence”

I request you keep flowing the expansive energy and high vibration of love.

:-) BZ


[8/10/17, 7:57:12 PM] BZ ⒾAM Riger: Update: 8.10.17 10:30 PM EDT

HATJ is currently at the Northern Neck Regional Jail in Warsaw, VA.

Mailing Address for Inmate Correspondence:

P.O. Box 1060 Warsaw, VA. 22572

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf is all you need to add to the address


Summary of Conversation with Heather on 8/8/2017

Summary of Conversation with Heather (Heather Annn Tucci-Jarraf, "hatj") on 8/8/2017

By BZ Riger at i-uv

Update: 8.8.17 8:36 PM EDT - Via phone with HATJ and BZ -

I spoke with Heather tonight. We did not record the call as there was way too much noise on the phone lines and background noise.


First thing Heather said was, I got your letters and postcards. She said, the housing liaisons had to go through them all and it took a while as there were so many.

I laughed and told her that was the first wave. The liaisons are working over time to read the piles that are still flowing in.

Heather said she is very grateful and Appreciates all of you. She has been reading them, but there are so many in the bundle they gave her, she has not gotten through them all yet, but she will.

She said the Unity and Focus of the BEing and DOing, the coordinated cooperation is off the charts, even more that 48 hours ago.

It has been flowing to the families and has They have noticed and experienced the results of it all. All the various timelines that involve Heather going on to TN and the case with Randall, they are NOT liking at all. The ramifications, the unfolding, all of the outcomes and the direct results to them.

Heather said, the Awakening that people are going through each hour has never been seen. The pace/expansion/compassion/love. For self/for other/for one another. They are noticing, ALL are noticing, and it has just blown them out of the water.

We are all doing this together. Because You/We/Us are creating a level of expansion and awakening that has never been experienced, EVER.

Heather said that if the US Marshalls were going to come and get her for transport, they would they would likely be coming today.

Bos told her they would not be coming before Tuesday, 8.8.17 [side note, Bos has had an awakening and has Heather's true heart and interests in his.]

Today, was the last “official” meeting that Heather and Bos had. He is no longer her attorney. All of Heather’s documents and files were turned over to Bill.

Heather said that the DC detention facility could only release her before 9:30 PM EDT. And usually they have the release and transfer at 5-6 PM. She said that as of this morning, it looked like it was 75% sure the US Marshalls would Not be coming to get her. As of the time of our conversation she said it was looking like 79% .

If the 48 hour rule holds in her situation, if they do not come to get her for transportation this evening.

She will be released in the Morning- 8.9.17. I confirmed, Into the air in DC. Yes, she said and Bill will be waiting, and Youssef will fly in.

Heather set up a system, from within the jail that a fellow being would call me if she was taken. 8.8.17.

She said I send my love and appreciation to all of you.

#### BZ- We hold the space for Heather and all around her, and we wait to see what the morning brings. TN or DC…

I say lets Rock it, and send out the call to the ALL that the flow is smooth and Heather will be released into the Air, lol, free as a bird.

FREE AS A BIRD!! NOW. As are we ALL!!


Conversation with HATJ from Prison

BZ Riger of i-uv had several conversations with Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf about the current status of her Doings, OUR Doings, the "Families" Doings, and what that means to all going forward.

"Everyone is transmuting the fabric of Original"

Heather: “Its not just one person its ALL of us Together.

It's the most Unity. It's the most Awareness. And the most Utilization of Being Original. That has ever been experienced in ALL of Existence”


HATJ Update Sunday, August 6, 2017

BZ posted this on i-uv Current Status of Events :

8.6.17  Update: mid day see conversation snip bellow

If you scroll down that page a bit, you get to this:

8.6.17 mid day Update

[11:54:59 AM] Terran/AK: From a prior call today: Just spoke with Heather she said the families are talking about dismissing this. They know they lost and they don’t like the way this is flowing.  She thinks she might not have to leave DC…

[11:55:49 AM] Terran/AK: Just got another call… things are flowing fast now. She’s released the families from any legal retribution and liability for jailing her.

[11:56:25 AM] Terran/AK: They are working to get the case dismissed and everyone have access to their funds.

Continue to hold Heather and Randy in your heart. Know that all is in the flow and turning out beautifully and quickly, for the benefit of all mankind .. with no one left behind!


Update on HATJs "Identity" Hearing, Aug 4, 2017

Update on HATJs (Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, "hatj") Identity Hearing, August 4, 2017 ..

The following court docket info was taken from the comments section of i-uv “Current Status of Events” page (line spacing edited to aid readability)

Rodger says:

August 4, 2017 at 7:23 pm

Today’s updates to docket for 1:17-MJ-00531 (DAR) 
Filed & Entered: 08/04/2017

Motion to Withdraw as Attorney 
Docket Text: ORAl MOTION to Withdraw as Attorney by David Bos. by HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF. (ldc) Filed & Entered: 08/04/2017

Motion to Strike
Docket Text: ORAL MOTION to Strike Agent Parker Steill’s testimony by HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF. (ldc) Filed & Entered: 08/04/2017

Motion for Miscellaneous Relief 

ORAL MOTION to represent herself by HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF. (ldc) Modified on 8/4/2017 (ldc). Filed & Entered: 08/04/2017

Order on Motion to Withdraw as Attorney
 Docket Text: Minute Entry for proceedings held before Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson: Identity Hearing on Removal as to HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF held on 8/4/2017.

The defendant that is before the Court is, HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF, per the Court’s ruling.

Commitment to Another District Order submitted and signed by the Court. File documents forwarded to the originating jurisdiction. as to HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF.

Oral Motion to Withdraw as Attorney by Federal Public Defender David Bos as to HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF (1) was heard and denied.

Oral Motion to Strike Agent Parker Steill’s Testimony by HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF (1) was heard and denied.

Oral Motion to represent herself by HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF (1) was heard and granted.

Oral Order granting defendant’s oral motion to represent herself VACATED for the reasons set forth on the record.

Bond Status of Defendant: Defendant Committed/Commitment Issued; Court Reporter: FTR-Gold; FTR Time Frame: Ctrm 4 [10:05:52-10:15:51; 10:46:33-11:07:41; 11:10:31-11:55:58; 12:05:20-12:17:20; 1:57:08:-2:24:08]; Defense Attorney: David Bos; US Attorney: Lisa Walters; Pretrial Officer: Andre Sidbury;Witnesses: Agent Parker Steill (ldc)
Filed & Entered: 08/04/2017

Commitment to Another District

Docket Text: COMMITMENT TO ANOTHER DISTRICT as to HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF. Defendant committed to District of Eastern District of Tennessee. Signed by Magistrate Judge Deborah A. Robinson on 08/04/17. (ldc)
Filed & Entered: 08/04/2017

Exhibit List 

Quick Summary:

Both Heather and her court-appointed attorney requested that he (the attorney) be dismissed from the case, and that Heather represent herself. All such motions were denied, Heather was not allowed to represent herself.

Heather had her attorney submit a sheath of documents attesting to the fact that she is a human being, "Original", and not her stawman (the ALL CAPS name in which all the arrest warrants were issued). Those documents (including her personal Factualized Trust documents, and all the 2012/2013 UCC filings) were not allowed to be entered into the case documents, although they are on file at the courthouse. Heather was declared to be her strawman based on the court's ruling, without reference to any documents she submitted indicating otherwise.

Since Heather was declared by the judge to be the strawman that was cited with charges in Tennessee, she is being extradited to that state. No indication of when that would happen was given.

Heather has been denied face-to-face interaction with anyone aside from her public defender / court-appointed attorney - no relatives (not even her husband), no friends (who are and have been in DC working on her behalf). She has not been permitted access to the documentation that she requested her attorney submit, so she was denied any way to even prepare for the hearing.

Heather has not been allowed to receive any of the hundreds of cards and letters sent to her at prison.

Heather has been given permission call infrequently; outgoing phone calls have been her only contact with the outside world other than the occasional public-defender visit.

Heather was not permitted to wear her own clothes at the hearing, she was required to wear prison-issue orange jumpsuit.

Heather has been escorted to these hearings in full cuffs - wrists, feet and presumably waist.

And even after all that .. here was Heather's response after the hearing, as posted by BZ Riger on the i-uv website:

Via Phone

She SAW ALL who were present in the hearing today and FELT EVERYONE – and so did Everyone else in the hearing.

She was Amazed and In Awe of the Beautiful energy permeating these doings today – inside the court room and out!!!!

Reminded Everyone that she is doing what she is doing now so that it will never have to be done again!!! EVER (lol)

She is delighted with how things went today!!

Her Public Defender could not believe that the judge violated her constitutional rights.

His attitude toward her and the whole situation has shifted.

He was very upset with that and was having a hard time comprehending it – the transparency is off of the charts.

Heather told him not to worry because she cancelled all of this 4 1/2 years ago.

She recognized a presence in the judge, and saw the beauty of her doings.

She is not sure when the extradition will be, but she is in awe with everyone, ALL of the doings – even the judge, Mr. Bos and Parker Still.

For now – she is going to relax for a bit over the next day or so.. She is having fun!!

We are ALL DOing this TOGETHER NOW and she sends her LOVE and GRATITUDE

As Heather indicates, this is all about transparency - revealing for all the world to see what a contrived world we live in, and giving each of us the opportunity to say "no more!" "I do not consent." I do not consent .. to being a slave .. to having my value monetized and used without my knowledge or consent .. to participating in any system(s) that deny human beings their inherent and inalienable rights, completely and totally responsible for themselves, and free in every imaginable way.

Transparency, true freedom, and choice .. that is what all this is really about.

On a personal note, eradicating man's inhumanity to man has been my dream since I was old enough to have rational thought, after seeing and realizing the frequently despicable way in which my fellow human beings treat the creatures of our world, the Earth, and each other. This is why I spend so much time on this issue, and devote so much of this blog to it. There is no higher priority to me than that we, each of us, free ourselves from this heretofore invisible bondage .. and move on to a world of compassion, understanding, acceptance, cooperation, creativity, abundance, and most of all .. joy.


Open Letter To All Beings

Greetings to all!

It's been a long several weeks in which much has happened both energetically and physically with financial disclosure via the TDAs (Treasury Direct Accounts).

This financial disclosure is .. as someone so eloquently said recently .. "like snowflakes on top of an iceberg” .. meaning the deception goes so much deeper than just the financials. There’s not an area of our lives that’s not affected, and all that data will be released over time. But we have to start somewhere, and I’ve always believed that unraveling the lies, deception, and fraud in the global financial arena was paramount to allowing the rest to unravel.

Well .. we’ve arrived. Unfettered access to all TD accounts worldwide is happening for all beings, globally; expect it this month. The last recalcitrant beings (presumably the ones in “authority” making the decisions that others have been following in an attempt to disrupt the flow, though I personally have seen no data on this) have been given two weeks to energetically accept this shift to freedom for all, or be left out. Don't ask me what that means, I don't know. What I do know is these folks will choose to join the rest of us or they won’t. What they do or do not choose matters not to “end game.” End game is here.

Ending this “game” has been a Universal effort - not only by the human race, but by races of beings numbering in the thousands or even hundreds of thousands throughout our multi-verse. But it had to be the humans who discovered the truth and acted in big enough numbers to make an undeniable statement that we are done with the slavery system.

There were a lot of “rules” for this game that we've all been playing, but the primary one for ending the game was that enough humans “wake up” and ”act” in enough numbers to reach a trigger point. That trigger point happened when hundreds of thousands woke up to the deception and attempted to access their TDAs. Whether they did so successfully or not doesn’t matter. It was the leadership-less unity that caused the triggering.

Those of you who played with your TDAs, or contemplated doing so, or just became aware of them and accepted that they were real and belonged to YOU the human being in whose name they were created, likely cannot fathom how much your awareness helped that cause! Even if your purchase or payment got reversed, and/or you had some unpleasantness associated with it, you participated in real time and that was huge! Love you all so much for your willingness to play!!

All that activity caused a trigger point for Heather to act. Heather (Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, or hatj as many call her) was the lead investigator into the global financial fraud, and one of 3 creators of the OPPT UCC filings that closed down the financial systems in 2012/2013. There's much information about hatj and OPPT and further filings of hers that is freely available on the internet for all to see. It’s taken all this time since then for the energetics, the galactics, and us humans to align and bring this “game” to a final close.

Heather was arrested in Washington DC last week and is being held in jail there. This is not cause for alarm. Suffice it to say she knows what she’s doing. She goes to court Friday. This gal is multi-dimensional in ways most of us cannot even imagine. But what she is, all of us are also, we have just forgotten. She remembers. She truly knows what she’s doing and has the active support of the Universals and Galactics. This court appearance on Friday is her way of wrapping things up for all of humanity.

I do wish for all of us to hold her in our energetic hearts as she takes this on, on behalf of ALL humanity.

It has always been her goal (and mine, and yours I'm sure) that every single being on this planet wins, with none left behind .. except by their own choosing. And there are precious few who have not now chosen, whether they are consciously aware of their choice or not.

Just after Heather was arrested, the Fed Res brought out their fear scenarios saying everyone who accessed their TDAs was going to be arrested, and locking down the Fed Res accounts being accessed directly through Fed Res banks. The PTW (powers that were) never tire of trotting out fear scenarios. Fear is a great controller. This time, it didn’t work. People did NOT stop accessing their TDAs, and/or believing in their TDAs, and some were hugely successful at accessing them - it all depends on finding vendors also willing to play in that sandbox. Some vendors were and still are accepting TDAs through "lesser banks" (not directly through Fed Res branches), however most are not.

So be it, it doesn’t matter.

The whole point of this exercise with TDAs and Heather in DC, is to provide every being on the planet with access their TDAs, with zero restrictions. "Unfettered access" is Heather's term for it. Those accounts (and I don’t have a clue how many each of us have) were set up in each of our names, for us!! but we were never “allowed” access to them, or even told they exist. (If you want to learn more, look up "strawman" .. i-uv.com is a great place to get info.) In fact, every “loan” ever made by banks and corporations was already paid - by your TDA! - when you signed the “loan" "agreement".

In other words, your signature on that "loan" "agreement" was you giving the money to yourself, for your use, only you were never told that. Instead you were told you "owed" that money to the bank. And to extend the greed even further, you were told you "owed" interest to the bank .. for the use of money in an account created for YOU! I ask you .. in your wildest imagination could you have developed a more nefarious scheme to bilk an entire race of beings?! Well .. actually, you did ;) but we won't go into that here.

This is not to say that the people working in these industries knew how despicable their work was. In the vast majority of cases they didn’t, and still don't. That will be a hard pill for many to swallow, but in most cases, those working in these industries were just as deluded as the rest of us.

Besides which, because of the various roles we've all played over "time", we are none of us “innocent” in any these doings. Over millennia you can be assured we have all played roles on both sides. This is NOT the time for retribution! This IS the time for releasing any and every feeling, energetic, emotion, and action that keeps us from the joy, appreciation, and abundance that is our natural state.

My request to each of you is this .. Feel into the energy of this!! This is a hugely complex issue that can be simplified with these few words: YOU are the value. You, the flesh and blood human being. You always were and always will be, you just didn’t know it. And you agreed not to know it in order to play through this “game”.

Your value was monetized and placed in these accounts. By accessing your account, simply by accepting that it exists and is yours, you reclaim authority for your Self; for your Being and your Doing.

To summarize .. YOU are the being whose value was usurped by “the powers that were” as a part of this “game”; a game that has kept you, the human being, in slavery without your knowledge, awareness, or consent. There were galactic wars fought over this planet and its resources, those resources primarily (but not totally) being the human beings on it. This game was far far bigger than you can even imagine, or likely even comprehend. But it’s over! And Heather will cross the t’s and dot the i’s for that closure on Friday.

Again, please hold Heather in your energetic heart as she takes this on, on behalf of ALL humanity. It’s important that we human beings show solidarity for ending this game. NOW.

If you are new to this whole concept and want to understand more, here are some basic overviews that can help:

First is an article by Sophia Love helping explain about the value of human being that has been usurped, which makes the TDAs make sense.


Second is a audio call with about 100 participants, where Bob Wright explains exactly where we are at with this process of end-game.

Recommend you start this audio/video at the 3:00 mark:


Love you all so much! It's been an honor to walk this path along side you, whether you were consciously aware of your participation or not.

PS - Please hold ALL beings in full love and appreciation, especially our elderly. These can be especially difficult times, both emotionally and physically, for them right now. They, and all, really need our love and support to help adopt to the changes that we are all immersed in.

For us all .. Breathe through any upsets, stay grounded and centered so we can be the support that others may need us to be.

What an AMAZING journey!