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Breaking Free From 'The Matrix' - Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves: Humans About To Break Free From ‘The Matrix’

February 2, 2018

Baxter Dmitry, Yournewswire.com

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Humanity is waking up and is on the verge of breaking free of the matrix, rejecting our overlords, according to Keanu Reeves.

A war is being fought that will shape the future of human existence and the world we leave for our children, according to Keanu Reeves, who says he is “quietly optimistic” about the future because “humanity is showing signs of breaking free from the matrix.“

“The human race has been enslaved for thousands of years,” Keanu Reeves said while filming in the Mojave Desert, explaining that “we have been kept in a mental prison by shadowy elites and secret societies that have done all they can to suppress us and stop us reaching our potential.”

But the Matrix star, who was filming scenes from Squarespace’s upcoming Super Bowl commercial, says the real world matrix is beginning to crack. “Humanity is showing signs of breaking free from the matrix. What a time to be alive! We are living in exciting times.”

Explaining that he has been studying ancient texts including the Vedanta and the Upanishads and learning about the nature of reality, Keanu said, “Yeah, sure, there are a lot of people still only interested in keeping up with the Kardashians, but a significant chunk of the population have woken up.

“Most importantly there is now a war being fought between our overlord masters and those who wish to set us free.“

Keanu Reeves on the set of Sqarespace’s new Super Bowl commercial, filmed in the Mojave Desert.

What is the matrix?

Keanu Reeves says the matrix is a holographic universe being projected to us by those who wish to control us. Humanity has been suppressed and controlled in this manner for millennia. We think it is real, but in actual fact it is just a film being played to the collective consciousness, presenting itself as ‘reality’.

Keanu Reeves is not alone in believing humanity has been living in a matrix for thousands of years.

Some of the world’s richest and most influential people are convinced that we are living in a computer simulation. At least two of Silicon Valley’s tech billionaires are pouring money into efforts to break humans out of the simulation that they believe we are living in.

Elon Musk believes the chances we are not living in a matrix-style computer simulation are “billions to one.”

“Many people in Silicon Valley have become obsessed with the simulation hypothesis, the argument that what we experience as reality is in fact fabricated in a computer,” writes The New Yorker’s Tad Friend. “Two tech billionaires have gone so far as to secretly engage scientists to work on breaking us out of the simulation.”

But Keanu Reeves believes the Silicon Valley guys have got it slightly wrong about breaking free of the matrix. He has a word of advice for the tech billionaires.

“Put your wallets back in your pockets. This has nothing to do with money or computers. It’s a spiritual shift that needs to take place, not a ‘hack’.“

According to Keanu, that spiritual shift is taking place. People are tired of unnecessary wars, totalitarian leadership, and authoritarian control. People are waking up to what is really important in life.

“I think people were really scared the world was ending until, you know, very recently. It just felt like things had gotten out of control. We’d lost any hope of being able to save ourselves from the dark forces in the world.

“But just open your eyes for a minute and look around at what’s happening. It’s astonishing. People like Trump are lifting the veil on an astonishing web of interconnected manipulation.

“Love him or loathe him, he is allowing humanity to wake from its slumber and see that the same few people, the same secret societies, the f*cking New World Order, are actively controlling our lives and suppressing our true ability.”

“But people are slowly waking up. It’s time to take back our infinite power and fling open the doors of the mental prison we have been encouraged to build for ourselves. It’s not an easy thing to do, but it’s time to walk into the light of freedom.”
I agree with Keanu, and appreciate someone of his fame speaking up; he can plant seeds of awakening in the places that most of us cannot. One difference between us is that I've come to replace "spiritual" with "consciousness". A small but significant shift in perception.

As Keanu so emphatically points out, we are living in exciting times!


Will Smith - Fault vs Responsibility

On January 30, 2018 Will Smith released the following powerful message on his Instagram account. Many folks have copied that message to YouTube, Facebook, and other social media outlets. I selected the following as it adds comments Will added after the initial message was released.

Content Credit: Will Smith
Video compilation credit: WhateverItTakesMotivation



Right Now

My apologies that this is nearly impossible to read on mobile devices. It is readable on larger screens, like computers and laptops. I'm attempting to find the text without the image. ~k

Credit: Ralph Marston at DailyMotivator.com

Copyright ©2018 Ralph S. Marston, Jr. All Rights Reserved. The Daily Motivator is provided for your personal, non-commercial use only. Other than personal sharing, please do not re-distribute without permission.


Regarding "Believe It Or Not..." and "It Is Done"

Regarding "Believe It Or Not..." and "It Is Done" many feel some rendition of the following:

"But... but... I don't see anything different. Nothing's happening!"

Consider the diligent, focused, energy and effort that seeds expend beneath the surface before we ever see them appear as visible plants.

Apply that knowing. The clues are there.

Image credit wonderopolis.org


Choose it, whatever "it" is for you, and welcome it into your reality. Allow no contrary thoughts to dissuade you. If you find yourself being dissuaded, state your choice again. And again. Keep choosing!

"I release myself from the stories of my past.

I redefine what is possible by the frequencies I choose to embody in this moment."

From The Process > Recalibration, by Wendy Kennedy.

Find the clues that support your desires. Follow them. They are like sparkling gems leading you to where you want to be. Ignore what doesn't fit; what doesn't fit is only there as a choice-point. You have free will. You don't have to choose it. You can say "Cancel that!"

Stay conscious. Stay focused.

Start playing the new game in your heart and in your life .. then watch in wonder and amazement as it takes form around you.

I love you!

💙 💙 💙


For those of you who cannot find a place in your heart to see Donald J Trump as involved in the "clean up" of the corruption in this world, I ask you this: Would you rather be right in what you have come to believe, or would you rather actually experience a world that works for everyone, with no one and nothing left out? Consider.

💙 It Is Done! 💙

Whether you understand it or not, whether you agree with it or not, whether you even realize it or not, this country, this world, this planet, this Universe is forever changed today. If you are one who wished for "a world that works for everyone, with no one and nothing left out" today you have gotten your wish. Know it, feel it, celebrate it! This has been EONS in the making!


Many have seen, and continue to see, what has been transpiring on this planet as a war of "good" versus "evil". That "war" was never a war. It always and ever was a game, designed, developed, written, played, and produced by aspects of Source, to know Itself/Themselves/Ourselves better.

This always was a Universal game, though much of it was played out on the gameboard of planet Earth .. at least that's all most of us emobdied on Earth could see. That inability to see beyond was part of the agreement.

What "appeared" to be human-only involved all races and non-races throughout Source's Universe. There was, and is, Universal agreement to have a "time limit" to the game. It was created to be ended, and safeguards were put in place to ensure that the end would come.

Not all chose to hold to that agreement - so lost had they/we become in their/our various roles. Many desired to continue playing past the agreed-upon end-game.

But .. that game has finally ended. NOW is the time of unmasking. Unmasking all from the roles that all have played. Unmasking all so that we can - all of the beings in Source's Universe - design, create, and play the new game, whatever that turns out to be.

Unmask yourself first; remember that you are so much more than you realize! You came into this embodiment to accomplish this ending. To be a part of it and to experience it. YOU did it. Is that not cause great congratulations, appreciation, and celebration?!

After you've unmasked yourself, begin unmasking all the players and their roles. Realize, for once and for all, that you had big parts to play in ALL SIDES of the game, whether or not in your current embodiment you remember this. You wanted to know all sides of game play as much as anyone else. You have NOT been a bit player. None of us have. Allow yourself to remember!

Remember this too: There are no - zero, none, zilch, nada - good guys and bad guys here, other than inside the game itself. Stand outside the game to understand that. View what "was" as discovery for ALL aspects of Source to know Itself/Themselves/Ourselves at levels not possible before the "game" was created.

Remember who YOU ARE! YOU are an aspect of Source, with full powers of creation, illusion, and delusion .. but also of clarity and purpose. So are we all. We all, as aspects of Source, created this game together. We gave it a beginning and an end. Now is the end. All that's left to do is finish the closing and cleanup.

The Document That Ended It All

As you read the document referenced below you might ask, "How is it possible that one human being could wield so much power and knowing?" It seems incomprehensible!

But know this .. Heather knows who she is, in all her aspects, embodiments, and non-corporeal forms. She brings that awareness to all of her actions in physical, not just on this planet but universally, through all of her embodiments. She isn't held back by the single physical embodiment known as Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf. She also isn't the only one who knows who she BE, and moves throughout the Universe with that knowing. Many many do. More than you can imagine, especially if you're not one of them. (But you will be!) She's just the one who spear-headed the DOing to bring this game to a close.

Heather's role at end-game was to be the visible one, as mentioned above, the spearhead. She has played that part magnificently, from researching and finally foreclosing on the fraudulent systems in 2012, through to NOW when the game has been ended.

There are uncountable trillions of beings (you among them, whether you realize that or not) that pulled together to end this game .. peacefully. That HAS been accomplished, and the document referenced below spells out how the end was achieved.

Read With Your Heart

Hopefully the above will give you more background to be able to understand what's being put forth in the document referenced below. If not, simply feel into it as you read. Then sit awhile with what you feel, realize, KNOW that it is the piece that ends the game forevermore, never to be played again.

If you aren't familiar with the "unexpected event" that got Heather and Randy arrested, there's plenty of information on the i-uv website, by searching the internet (and on this blog) to fill you in. You don't really need to know, but the information is there if you care to know.

Hallelujah .. we did it, one and ALL!

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf on Facebook, in the late hours of January 22, 2018:

my complete gratitude and love to ALL

POTUS safe now

all perpetrators exposed now

in joy!!!

ALL made this moment done



Video that helps explain the document:

Quantum Playground: #HATJ #POTUS : “Universal Clean Up” & “Universal Backdoor”


Believe It Or Not ...

With all the incredible and wonderful actions being taken (DOing) at end-game of this amazing experience (BEing), this song has been playing itself over and over again in my head. Thought I'd share it with you, along with some thoughts from hatj.

Greatest American Hero Theme Song: Believe It Or Not
With thanks to YouTuber 888eve
Music: Mike Post
Lyrics: Stephen Geyer
Sung By: Joey Scarbury

From Heather Anne Tucci-Jarraf (hatj), posted to Facebook, January 20, 2018:
All Americans (and the world) were told last year, they would see which politicians were actually SERVING the American people...and those that do not.

As important, all see all the ones behind them. The actions done by each...on "all sides". In each "country", "space", and "place".

With that data, ALL do have complete context of the "war" that was done...inner and outer and between all states of conscious (including the state of conscious defined as "human").

Most importantly, all do experience the beautiful and heart-won end of that so-called "war".

All secrets of this planet and more are exposed...everyone of them, from every aspect of life...and with that data, each one decides how they choose to move forward. In magnificent Unity of all the beautiful and appreciated diversity of ALL.

With all I Am, I do amplify self-compassion, compassion for each other, and the gratitude of the heartitude that comes to the fore and is consciously applied for the benefit of all of existence. NOW.

All secrets exposed. No more secrets possible. All finger pointing neutralized and balanced in love. The date was pre-planned and done by all. January 22, 2018, is a day all remember.

The "time-capsule" is now opened. All data. Not one piece missing.

ALL hearts have been heard, and have made this moment possible.

In love, to ALL. ALL did it.


And so it is. My love to ALL all ways always. 💙 💙 💙


Bringing Home Here

Bringing Home Here

The Pleiadian Collective through Wendy Kennedy

Includes an activation using galactic light codes

December 12, 2017


Now Is The Time Of Miracles

Inspiration from Abraham-Hicks:
  • If you know that all is well, you know all you need to know. And if you know life is supposed to be fun, you know more than almost anybody else knows.
  • It’s not your work to make anything happen. It’s your work to dream it and let it happen. Law of Attraction will make it happen. In your joy, you create something and then you maintain your vibrational harmony with it, and the Universe must find a way to bring it about.
  • You have to begin to tell the story of your life as you now want it to be and discontinue the tales of how it has been or of how it is.
  • When you expect something, it is on the way. When you believe something, it is on the way. When you fear something, it is on the way. Your attitude or mood is always pointing toward what is coming, but you are never stuck with your current point of attraction.
  • The main event has never been the manifestation, the main event has always been the way you feel, moment by moment, because that’s what life is.
  • The child is thinking and receiving vibrational thought from you on the day that he enters your environment. That is the reason that beliefs are transmitted so easily from parent to child.
  • The Universe does not know if the vibration you are offering is because of what you are imagining, or because of what you are observing.
  • Never mind what is. Imagine it the way you want it to be, so that your vibration is a match to your desire. When your vibration is a match to your desire, all things in your experience will gravitate to meet that match. Every time.
  • Non-physical consciousness is here with you all the time.
  • There is great love here for you.


An Extraordinary Love Story for Extraordinary Times

An extraordinary love story for extraordinary times .. Joey Mead King shares her experiences as her husband transitions from male to female in this amazing and heartwarming tale of unconditional love.

"We’ve been together for 10 years, and I’m not fazed by how Ian, Angie, my wife, my partner, my soulmate—all these titles—I’m not fazed by how you will look. Nothing. I don’t see it. I just see that I love you. And that’s how it’s always been."


"If we have to break a boundary to inspire someone else to do the same, sure man, follow suit. But we’re doing our own thing, because it works for us. And I think that my partner is beautiful. And she, he, should live, his, her life, whatever way she feels." ~ Joey Mead King

Sometimes the King is a Woman: The Joey Mead King Tell-All

Joey Mead King talks to Rogue about what it’s really like to be in her shoes in this new chapter in her married life.

Interview by Paolo Reyes, Jerome Gomez, and Pam Quiñones

This story originally appeared in Rogue’s July 2016 Issue.

In an exclusive interview after her husband, Ian King, came out in the open as the trans woman Angelina Mead King, the top model Joey Mead King talks to Rogue about what it’s really like to be in her shoes in this new chapter in her married life, and how the inner Joey measured up to the tough veneer the public became accustomed to.


On the evening of July 2, 2016, a Saturday, the lifestyle and fashion set were abuzz about a certain Instagram account that went by the handle @hailtothe_queen_. Screengrabs of the account and its accompanying pictures spread fast via whatsapp and Viber messages, and after a few back and forths, the social media savvy among us were convinced our early conclusions proved true: Ian King, car racing aficionado, automotive businessman, heir to the Victoria Court motel empire, just came out as a trans woman.

It was no fake account created by a hater, nor was it a prank from King. In the pictures, the rock star of the local car world, a definitive alpha to those who first encounter him, is wearing long colored tresses, purple nail polish, and killer pumps with four-inch heels—and has apparently been sporting them for years. His wife, the model and host Joey Mead King, would be seen posing happily by his side, beaming with joy and confidence in some of the pictures of King in feminine garb. That Mead is behind him on this one is clearly an understatement. As soon as the news got out, an outpouring of messages of support, respect, and encouragement came flooding in for the two, from different parts of the world. “But how does she really feel?” some comment boxes under Facebook posts reluctantly asked. Well, Rogue also wanted to know.

So we asked Pam Quiñones, editor of our sister publication, L’Officiel Manila, who did a shoot and story on Mead in its April 2016 issue, to help us get an interview with the top model. Less than two days after, we got Mead’s yes. And by Tuesday, Rogue, together with Quiñones, would sit down with her in the spacious home that the Kings had moved into in the last couple of months.

After passing two of King’s cars in the driveway, we made our way into the couple’s mansion and found Mead plopped on a sofa in the living room, surrounded by various Moroccan accoutrements she’s collected, wearing a soft, cream blouse, and jeans. There’s a welcoming calmness to her—like that of the pool we spy through the French doors—and a serene joy.

She made us choose where we wanted to do the interview, and we chose the dining room where we each picked our own chairs, expecting maybe frugal answers, maybe guardedness, from what she described in her early WhatsApp messages with Quiñones as a “mini-interview.” It didn’t turn out so mini, of course. We had close to two hours with Mead, and more than 12,000 words to happily deal with. We prepared questions, but most of them we wouldn’t even be able to ask. Because we didn’t need to. She brought it all up, the details, the anecdotes, requiring only a bit of nudging from us, unfinished phrases, nods of affirmation. This was a woman finally free to tell her story, we thought, hers and her now wife Angelina, the Ian she married, her lover, her best friend—titles don’t matter now—and their unconditional love for each other, the hiding they had to go through, the demons that needed to be exorcised, and their beautiful tale of discovery. She was at turns honest, unsure, ecstatic, vulnerable, tough, accepting, and—this is what we noticed we kept saying—astounding. It could only happen to the two of them, this act of courage and strength. She with her hard-knock beginnings, an episode with an abusive lover, striking it out on her own at 15, abandoned by her father. Ian with his strength, his creativity, his need for speed and all the risk-taking it embodies, and the passing of his father that rocked his world last year. They needn’t worry, we thought, blazing this trail. They’ve been cut out for this.

For months we had been toying with the idea of putting one of our early cover girls back on the face of the magazine to mark its 100th issue. And the universe couldn’t have done any better than Joey Mead King, who first appeared on it eight years ago, in June 2008, the Philippine flag painted on her naked body, causing a furor in its wake. Here she is again, wearing a different flag altogether, still that of a combination of peace and bravery, but this time—and we’re calling it—leaving a trail of inspiration and a universal sense of pride.


PAOLO REYES: How have the past two days been?

JOEY MEAD KING: The amount of love and support is insane. We went to our dad’s mass today which was in our uncle’s home, and [we were in the presence of] the older generation of Kings, and so [before that] Ian was asking, “What should I wear? I’m not gonna wear a dress!” I go, “But I think you should still wear what you want to express, ’cause you can now.” So he wore his kitten heels and his shirt and, like, natural makeup—which makes me very proud because, in the beginning, his makeup was really bad and I had to go in there. [laughs] I’m always trying to educate and say that natural is always going to be [best]. The best makeup is an enhancement, what you wear is an enhancement, an expression of you. And it’s funny, because the beginning of life in [the] transgender world, everything is like femininity! [You] must be like this! You must have breasts! It’s like an explosion of femininity. “I am woman!” And I’m really very proud to see that my partner has embraced just being natural with what you have, working with what you’ve got, not having to exceed, but still be who you feel you are.

So this afternoon was nice—to see the titas and titos be a little bit like, “Wow, we’re happy for you” and “More power to you” and “We love you.” Because at first, when Ian arrived, he was nervous. [Whispers] “It’s alright, it’s just your estrogen.” [laughs]

But maybe it’s because we’re still together, and I think that makes it more astounding for others. I’m not sure. Ian asked me this morning “Why do you think [the reaction was so positive]?” Actually I haven’t pondered it. I’m just like, wow, Manila has blown me over. I thought they were going to crucify us. I was ready. Let’s do this! Armor-ready, you know? And the family and my friends were ready. All Ian did was open his Instagram. That’s it. Just opened it. [That Saturday] He was with his mom for breakfast, and mom was like, “Just do it already.” And then, he said, “I should just talk to my wife.” And I was like, “Fuck it, just do it. I don’t care.” [laughs] And then from that, the day was nice—and then later, later in the day, and the next morning, the phone was going nuts. But how crazy-beautiful . . .

PR: That’s a good description.

JMK: Just unbelievable. I just had to take breaks sometimes from everybody. And then just the whole news feed! God, thank goodness—thank goodness the media used a nice photo. [laughs] And then my partner also wanted to post some things from the past, and I was just, “Put it out there.” It just feels so raw and ready, and I’m very happy watching from the sidelines of everything. Astounding. Are you guys astounded?

PAM QUIÑONES: Up until now . . .

PR: I didn’t know the full extent of it. I couldn’t believe it initially but, since I heard about it, good for him that he finally went public about it. It takes a lot of courage.

PQ: I was telling Paolo how amazing it was that Ian was able to do it now and didn’t wait till he was, like, 60? 50? That must be such a great feeling. I heard about it from [designer] Martin Bautista—and you know the gay men are so happy. Martin messaged me, and he was like, “Sis, did you know about this?” I said I heard about something, but that no one really talked about it, and he goes, “My god . . . how amazing.” Then I said, “But how amazing that Joey is so fair, all the way.” And that’s when I was checking Instagram na rin. Wow, this is crazy.

JMK: Looking at the clues [laughs]. Like—why is Joey in Miami Pride?

PQ: Oh I didn’t even know! When was Miami Pride?

JMK: This year. I went to go visit the US because Ian is opening businesses there. I said “Oh, we were too early for L.A. Pride. We can catch Miami pride.” It was kinda boring though.

PR: Really?

JMK: Not as cool as L.A. Pride. L.A. Pride is pretty bangin’. [laughs]

PR: So you’ve been to more than a few Pride marches.

JMK: Many Prides. We’ve had this for as long as we’ve been together. When the movie The Danish Girl came out, it was like, oh my god, this is our movie. Not exactly, but I saw the trailer last year and I was like, oh my god . . . so when you said . . .

PQ: When I said [about putting Alicia Vikander on the L’Officiel cover] . . .

JMK: I said, “I love Alicia Vikander! Thank you.” And she won Best Actress. [It felt like] I won best actress! [laughs] She’s my girl.

When Ian and I started dating—this is funny—maybe two months into the relationship, I noticed in the dirty clothes, in the hamper, there was women’s underwear! Is this my underwear? Who’s underwear is this? And then I was calling my friend in Singapore and I was like “Anj, uhm, I dunno, but I found women’s underwear in the hamper . . . and I don’t think he’s seeing anyone. Maybe it’s like an ex-girlfriend’s or something, and the househelp had misplaced it.” She goes, “Just talk to him.” How do I bring that up?

And then it was so funny, a day or two later, Ian tells me, “I want to share something with you, and I’m really ashamed about it: I like wearing women’s underwear.”

“What?! Thank God! I thought it was another woman! [laughs] Oh my god. That’s it?”

“Yeah,”—because he’s really shy—“I wanted to tell you because I want to have a relationship with you and I love you.”

“Oh my god, that’s okay. That’s fine. That’s so cool.” And then that’s when I said, “What else have you worn?”

“That’s all I’ve worn.”

“Really? Oh my god. So you’ve never worn a dress before? I could totally get a dress for you!” And then that just opened up everything, like a whole different world. This was when Manila didn’t have La Senza, so I went to Rustan’s with Ian and we just went to the lingerie department. They had these brands and we’re walking, and it’s kinda like the scene from Danish Girl where Eddie Redmayne feels that excitement. We’re walking around Rustan’s arm in arm, and Ian goes, “My heart . . . my heart is beating so much.” I’m like, “You okay?”

And that’s when I realized—this is intense. I said, “Let’s go, just touch, we’ll go look for a bra for you. Just take a look, just look. Don’t care about what anybody says, just look.” And we ended up going to Debenhams and Ian getting, first, a camisole, and then a petticoat skirt—and from then, my creative side [just sprang]. “Let’s put some makeup on!” And so I was photographer, stylist, makeup artist. Ian became my work of art!

So it was fun, something we’d do, and this went on for a few years. This was the cross-dressing stage. And maybe it was my ignorance, maybe denial. I just thought that’s just what it’s going to be: we’re just going to travel and cross-dress. But, yeah, that was not where it was going to stop. When my father-in-law was unwell in Germany, that was about three years ago, that’s when things started changing. When Ian was saying, “I want to live my life like this regularly.”

And I said, “What . . . ? [laughs] But this is just fun, this is something for you and I, right? . . . No, I can’t . . . I can’t . . . ”

This is when I started having difficulty as a partner. I could hear his pain. I did understand—but there was a part of me that was like, wait, where are you going? So I had to deal with a lot of my own abandonment [issues]. The journey began a completely new chapter, and we bumped heads a lot. But I know and understand: once you make your path, you gotta go ahead with it. So for me, as a partner, you can’t stop that. You can’t stop a charging train. So, you jump along. I’m going in for the ride. It’s gonna be a roller coaster, but I’m gonna ride it until the wheels fall off—because I have fought hard for our love. We’ve been together for 10 years, and I’m not fazed by how Ian, Angie, my wife, my partner, my soulmate—all these titles—I’m not fazed by how you will look. Nothing. I don’t see it. I just see that I love you. And that’s how it’s always been.

Our worry was that Ian was going to start a different life in America because there’s more acceptance there. That was the difficulty, having to travel, having to hide, and this was just too much. You’re now leaving the dynamics of us, and I have to adapt to this new life.

But because of this coming out, I feel that there’s no more barriers. I think the barriers have been broken by the unconventional love that we have for each other. So this is new territory. Everybody wants to put everyone in a category, or a title. We don’t have a category. I’ve never been traditional. And Ian’s not traditional. So that’s also the essence of why we work. Either we make our own box, or we just completely walk outside the box forever and that’s just actually a nicer way of seeing things and living your life. Why would you want to put yourself in a box when, my god, you have one life to live,’di ba? Why don’t you just go out there and just enjoy the fruits of life?

And somehow, with this whole craziness, it’s just made it possible. I’m astounded by our country, that people are so accepting. Us Pinoys, we always have an opinion on something, and there will be all these opinions. [But there are people who say] “But you know what, they love each other” and “What can you do?” That’s why we’ve been using the hashtag, “#loveislove.”

PQ: That’s what everyone is saying.

JMK: When you love someone, it’s so painful. It makes you realize how important and how much they mean to you. And I will fight for us. Because I don’t see anything wrong with it. If we have to break a boundary to inspire someone else to do the same, sure man, follow suit. But we’re doing our own thing, because it works for us. And I think that my partner is beautiful. And she, he, should live, his, her life, whatever way she feels.

PQ: Of course.

JMK: I didn’t realize . . . god, are other people not able to live their true selves? Is that why we’re getting so much appreciation? But, wow, I definitely had a lot of fear when this came out. All fear is gone.

PR: I’m sure you’ve had to deal with your own demons.

JMK: Oh my goodness, not only did I have to fight for this, but I had to fight myself. And I think it’s when you start to get into yourself when you think, “What is the bigger picture here? What is wrong here? What is happening here?” And you think, “Oh my god, what’s the big bloody deal? I don’t care what other people think!” I’ve been in this industry where everybody has to have a say in how you look and how you age and what you’re wearing and who you’re with, [how] you’re not white enough, you’re not dark enough, you’re not chinita enough.” And I’m like stop! Stop already! Right? And maybe because I’m older that’s just how I feel. Just stop already. Just stop the noise. There’s too much noise in life. Let’s meditate. [laughs]

JEROME GOMEZ: Was that why you were drawn to meditation?

JMK: Yes. Silence the mind, open the heart. And it’s worked for me. Because everything was just too noisy. You just listen to your inner demons keep talking to you, and then you just have to separate. Okay, let’s be respectful to the voices in my head, let’s listen to the logical me, let’s listen to the emotional me, let’s listen to the essential me, let’s put them all together and shed some light on this shit! [laughs] Because I just wanna be happy. What I learned from meditation and retreats and a whole bunch of personal healing is that we forget to be children. [Children] don’t see things like we do when we get older. We end up getting jaded, sarcastic, and all our personal problems in our lives cloud our judgment. But children just see joy. And I think sometimes we have to go back to feeling like a child.

I rode a bike last week. [laughs] Just biked around the village. Me and my silver helmet! It’s silly but it gives me joy. And moments like that feel like, yeah, life is so awesome. Something small like a good 15 minutes going around the village. We just forget to be childlike. This adulting stuff is overrated.

JG: Did you, at one point, ever regret introducing her to dresses, and—

JMK: No. I have no regret. I actually feel honoured that it was me [who he chose to do it with]. I actually feel like it’s meant to be, that it was going to be me to introduce her to a whole different life that she never had when she was younger. There was no one else she could talk to. Ian was a single dad. So the inner mother in me wanted to take on that role: mother, sister, or just your girlfriend. I wasn’t regretful of it. The only thing I regret was just the thoughts of what other people would think.

JG: Did he care as much about what other people thought?

JMK: [He is from the] Car industry! [laughs] Testosterone! “Pare, tignan mo pare ‘tong kotse.” [laughs] I’m exaggerating. But, yeah. We had a cars-and-coffee Sunday and all the boys—oh my god, they all came. It was so cool. They were chatting. “Pare, whatever. Ian, Angie, whatever. Got your back, bro.” [laughs] And then they’d go back to what they normally talk about. “Tell me the different parts of the car.” “You didn’t tell me about this blah blah blah.” “So, I was wondering if you could fix the so and so engine of the BM.” It goes back to business, to what they know. But yeah, I enjoyed cars-and-coffee that morning.

JG: But how does he respond to all of these expressions of support?

JMK: Like a giddy teenager. So happy. And then, I think we both have just been radiating. “It’s that easy? Damn.” He’s really appreciative of the full support of family and friends and people we don’t know. I get messages from people, like a woman who is also in the same situation. “My partner is trans and it’s been difficult for me but I really wish I had your strength, Ms. Joey.” And it’s like, [inhales] how can I explain to someone that I don’t know [the answers]? Meditate? [laughs] How do I say that we were together for 10 years, so it’s 10 years training? For both sides. And now we’re in transition, so my responsibility in our relationship is to also transition and adapt to the different phases of transition.

JG: When did you decide to jump and go full-force with his journey?

JMK: It’s been several years. I jumped from the beginning. When he was cross-dressing, I jumped with it. And then four years ago, when dad was sick, that was wavering times of, Wait, wait, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. But I jumped on it from the beginning and there is just something about, I don’t know—my tenacity?—I don’t know what it is. But I will not give it up. And it was hard, because I’m pulling everything in the relationship. I’m pulling down things, I’m pulling friends, I’m pushing friends. Until I was able to calm my mind and just break open my heart. Because it’s already open for Ian. But what happens in transitioning, you break it open for the whole world. Sometimes we just keep things for our own personal friends, family, that’s it. And then to share it to everybody else? I think it’s these last few months that I’ve been able to do that. Before, I was quite guarded because I’m so protective of it. And I was scared of what people would say. Will they hinder Ian’s work? Will it hinder my work? Will they say, “Joey’s a beard”? [laughs]

PR: Are you still scared?

JMK: No more. I stopped being scared these last few months. I’m just, full support. I don’t have a word to fully [express how I feel but] I just felt like a killer, ready to take anything, so strong, it won’t topple me down. But now I’m like, soft. I didn’t have to be so hard.

JG: Was there anything that happened in the last few months that led to this?

JMK: Moving into this house! We moved from Taguig to Makati, and that changed a lot of perspectives on life. I’ve lived only in condos—my whole life. Condos, or renting a room. I lived in a suitcase. And then we lived together for four years and accumulated a lot of things. And my husband wasn’t here! He was in the States. “Oh my goodness, I’m alone, moving everything and 12 animals.” And that changed my perspective, what life is going to be like, because my husband was saying, “I won’t be home so often.” “What?! We just moved into this house! And you’re not going to be home?” Because he was feeling more secure in America. I thought, “What is happening?” So that was the breaking point here at home. And it’s strange how you have to move out of a home and into another to see things differently. It’s like you’re slowly moving into a new you. You rearrange things and that’s how it is with life. New coat of paint. Rearranged furniture. Look at things differently. I think the house move represented that in our relationship. We needed a shift. A “relationshift.” That’s what happened. I felt like this relationshit took a relationshift! [laughs] Like we were being rocked constantly to where we are now.

JG: Did you ever fight about it? Did you ever argue about these things? What were the sources of arguments?

JMK: [sighs] Ian leaving. So it was battles with me and my abandonment [issues]. I grew up with no dad, and so Ian wanting to live free in another life represented abandonment. And that’s why I had to fight with myself a lot, because even if he says, “I’m not abandoning you,” it meant creating a new life for me. “Why do you have to go?”

“Because I can’t be myself here.”

“I left the States! I left my whole life in the States! And you’re going back?! Why’re you going there?” I just want to have a home, I just want to be secure, I just want to be here. But parang baliktad [yung nangyari]. Now, Ian is the gypsy and I’m the foundation.

JG: Because you were the gypsy before.

JMK: Yes. That’s how he met me. I’m the one with the suitcase. I’m the one travelling to a different country, earning my keep, and then I come back. So it’s a switch. He’s supposed to be in Germany tomorrow. And he’s rearranged his trip and I feel like that was a good change because, okay, you’re going to go to Germany, then you’re going to be in Japan, then you’re going to be home for one week, then I’m going to go back to the States. Oh my god, why do we live here? This was the argument. You just leave me here in a big house? This was how I was feeling because Ian was accepted and could open a car shop over there, the car owner was okay with him being trans. He would have a new life, meet new people, and like, what, I represent his—past life? Which is not the case, but that’s how I was feeling, which was really painful. But yeah, he moved his trip . . . our pact as a couple is like, we cannot be apart. It doesn’t work. Even when I would be shooting Top Model, Ian would visit me halfway into the shoot. And now, baliktad. I do it now for Ian. Like, okay, I’m gonna go to the States in August to help create the expansion of his car shop there. And I thought, “Well, I guess I can continue some castings when I go to the States again . . . [laughs] I still have my agents there. This is quite good! Get myself a Mustang . . . [laughs] Win-win! But I wasn’t able to see that. I just kept saying “You’re leaving, you’re leaving. You’re leaving because you can’t be accepted.”

PR: He just needed time on his own.

JMK: We went to SM Aura yesterday. Wow, guys, it was crazy! Because we’ve always shopped abroad together. And we looked at SM Aura, and Ian was just in slippers, no makeup, looking cute. He likes my sports bra, so he goes, I want some—because he is growing [his breasts]. And it was so cool to actually shop in the Philippines together. But wow, we were just looking for some tank dresses, and we were skimming the racks, and there was another transgender who was watching us. From a distance. And I could feel her like, Woah, I can’t believe I’m seeing this live. [laughs]

PQ: I love this.

JMK: That’s what I thought. She was smiling at us. And she actually sent me a message on Instagram. “I saw you and Angie, and you’re such a beautiful couple.” And it was just glorious.

PQ: Is he very comfortable na?

JMK: Mmmm! Too comfortable. What a bitch. [laughs] “Do I wear this? Do I have to wear shoes for the lunch today, or like 5-inch heels?”

“It’s just lunch, you wanna relax with the frickin’ family?”

I had to make executive decisions with some of the shoes when we moved in. So many shoes. So many mistake shoes from online buying. And I’m like FaceTiming with him: “Can I make an executive decision?”

“Yeah, babe, you can.”

“12 of these are going. Let’s keep it classy, okay? You’re not wearing these shoes. Out.”

PR: What’s his size?

PQ & JMK: 13.

PQ: Women’s, right?

JMK: Yeah.

PQ: That’s big. You can’t buy them here. Your feet are actually small! For a tall girl.

JMK: We’re the same size pala with bottoms. A few months ago he was like, “I bought a bag.”

“Oh you did!” ‘

“I bought a Chanel boy bag. With a clutch.”

“Wow. High five, mate!” I love that.

PQ: I love it!

JMK: And I’m like, can I borrow that? And he got a Mansur bag. Bitch, you got a Mansur bag?

PQ: No way! On trend!

JMK: Yeah. Kate Torralba is our buyer because we came out to Kate several years ago. Buying clothes for Ian was difficult. You need some pieces that are customized. And I love Kate, so I opened up to her and she made Ian a gown. He wore it when we went to Oregon to visit his real biological mom so he could come out to her. I needed to get some help for nice dresses for him, something that’s form-fitting. I’m not a stylist, but there are some basic stuff where you’re like, “That doesn’t work.”

PR: Does he have other friends now that he can speak to?

JMK: Oh yeah, everybody.

PR: About transitioning . . .

JMK: Uh. No. Probably in the future. I actually sent messages to Jenny Boylan in the States. She’s a professor and she’s married. She didn’t respond to me but she responded to Ian. Wow, selective these transgenders, huh? [laughs] It’d be great to meet Caitlyn Jenner but right now it doesn’t matter. Geena [Rocero]—I’ve never met Geena but she shared our post, one of those being circulated, and that was really cool. Geena’s really cute. She’s hot. And I was like, “This is so nice!” And I’ve always been supportive of the LGBTQ community, but somehow with this, I’m like a poster girl now for wives of trans women!

JG: So before Saturday, who else knew?

JMK: For several years, the immediate family knew. Like mom, dad, and then his brother, and then the barkada of Ian, and my barkada. This year we started expanding more.

PR: For some people, they thought it was just Ian being eccentric by cross-dressing. That was the initial reaction.

JMK: Or like Ian’s account was hacked. How could he do all those photos?!

PQ: So dressing up, especially like a woman, is really pleasurable to him?

JMK: Yeah.

PQ: So would he want to dress like a man again?

JMK: Clothes don’t make him!

PQ: Yeah but his preference now is this, right?

JMK: Yeah. Like right now, he can do whatever. It doesn’t matter. It’s like how we all feel. Like, what’s our mood? But it’s still practical. He can’t be at a car shop in heels. Whatever flavor you feel that day. Like today, going to lunch, he wasn’t in the mood to wear a dress. “Just wear what you feel, what you want, and whatever also makes you look great.” So that’s kind of where we are at. But things are changing because Ian will be changing form a little, so there will be adjustments and stuff, so that’s gonna be fun. Like having another pair of breasts in this house. But that’s great. I’m very happy for that. I find myself asking, “Am I a lesbian now?” Some people have asked, “Joey are you a lesbian?” But I’m not a lesbian. I guess it looks that way. Like I said, I just look straight at Ian and I’m attracted either/or . . . breasts, no breasts, hair extensions. The only thing that’s not cool is lipstick. Kissing lipstick is not cool. I didn’t know it was so bad for dudes kissing the girls! Because it doesn’t taste good. So that’s the only thing that’s like, okay, with lipstick, just pecks. I’m still highly attracted to Ian in whatever.

JG: In whatever—

JMK: Yeah! So sexy, so beautiful. It doesn’t faze me. I love you, I’m totally turned on.

PR: This is what’s on everyone’s lips: What’s the sexual chemistry like?

JG: Has it changed?

JMK: No! It’s actually intensified! [laughs]

PQ: That’s amazing!

JMK: I don’t know! You’d think that as a woman, this is not cool, this is not what I’m attracted to. But I’m still highly attracted, and my partner’s still highly attracted to me. I’m just turned on. Let’s go have some fun. And as maybe things develop, same thing! I think I’d be even luckier. Like, great, a pair of boobs, awesome.

JG: Is there a desire within him to take it further beyond the breasts?

JMK: Still feeling it out! Because in transition, Ian is just really happy. He’s just radiant. But I’m always, like, try not to do surgery. Try to still be your authentic self without surgery. Try not to change so much of yourself. But if you do, if you want to enhance your pair of breasts, by all means, go for it. But it’d be wonderful to just work with how your body’s doing on its own. There’s always push-up bra, and Ian’s always been a feminine male anyway, so it just works well. Androgyny is pretty cool, too. But how fun is that? You can be so playful. If you want to be super “fem,” you can. If you want to be in between, you can. As for girls, we can be androgynous, too. I’ve played with androgyny a lot.

PQ: You’ve had a lot of those shoots.

JMK: I’m always a dude! Everyone’s like the vixen or the tough chick and stuff.

PQ: I want to say, Joe, I really find the way you are, and maybe also Ian, so advanced in your level of thinking. I feel so primitive. When I first found out about this, I actually messaged Jerome that I felt so primitive. I feel like I’m learning, with this whole revelation.

PR: You’re ahead of your time. Especially in this country.

JMK: I was told by a healer that Ian and I are karmic. That we were together in a past life and he told me, “You loved him unconditionally also.” And I feel it! I know it! That’s why it’s familiar to me. And maybe that’s why I just can’t let this go.

PQ: You seem like you’re in such a great place. You seem so happy.

JMK: I’m good. When we shot together, I came from a retreat. I wanted to be done with these inner thoughts that I was dealing with, and I wanted this year to be different, different behaviors, different thought process, just no longer going around the same circles of what we were constantly doing. So I started investing in me. And then I think that was also a nice shift, because I looked into myself, and then dealt with my issues, which was abandonment and attachment. It was kind of like what a friend was teaching me: when you have no attachments, you are free. And that’s what I was doing with my relationship. I was attaching so much to it. But the moment I detach, it doesn’t mean that I love you less. It’s actually that I love you even more. It’s just that I actually love myself equally. And I think that sometimes dynamics in relationships, friendships and marriages, sometimes the partner gives a little too much, and they lose out because they forget to give for themselves. So the moment I started investing and loving myself was when I was able to see things differently.

PQ: That’s amazing.

JMK: [My friend] Serena was sharing the story of a friend of hers who went through the same thing but it didn’t work for them.

JG: What happened?

JMK: The wife ended up being a lesbian, and the husband, who’s now female, they had a son together. And it was really hard for them because they’d been together for several years and he just said, “Oh, by the way, I’m transgender.” Mine, we started from the beginning, together, and then graduated to transgender from cross-dressing. I even went to a forum for straight spouses. It didn’t really help me, actually. I was looking for stories of maybe other wives that I could connect to. They’re angry, a lot of them. Married for 39 years then the man says he’s transgender, he’s on hormones, then he just left the family. I felt that these women are not me. There was one beautiful story of a couple: they owned an art gallery, and her husband transitioned, and her advice on the forum was to re-date your partner. Just go on dates. You’re getting to know someone different, it’s the same essence but different form. And they’re both art dealers, and now they’re wife and wife, and it worked for her. But majority was not really helpful for me. And Ian and I were like, “You just have to write your own story.” It’s come down to that, where there will be no one I’ll relate to. This is just our own story. And I’ll just have to accept that. Now women are coming to me. For understanding. But sige, I’ll gladly showcase what has worked for us.

JG: So everyday is a learning process.

JMK: No naman, not everyday. Actually, everyday is just having fun, and we’re just giddy. Like today. You’re going to the car shop? You’re gonna wear those pumps? Bring Band-aids. But it’s great. Today, maybe we could finish the final chapter of Game of Thrones. Very normal. Then, dinner out. It’s just so nice to be out. It may not be the case all the time, di ba? We might have some peeps that might be aggressive. It happens. It’s ignorance, it’s their fear, so let’s just be forgiving about it. It’s not their fault. We’re ready for it if it comes. Not everybody understands. I don’t expect anybody to understand. As long as we understand each other, and then our friends and family are cool about it, that’s all that matters.

PQ: Is Ian as spiritual as you?

JMK: Yeah, he is.

PR: Does he meditate? Have you taught him how to?

JMK: He doesn’t meditate, but he’ll try to silence the mind and stuff. We went to see a counselor six or seven years ago in the States, and we did the whole two hours discussing where we’re at. And we realized I spent $250 for nothing because she just said, “I’ve never had a couple like you before.” So while we were looking for help, the only help that you need is to help yourself. So eventually, as time went on, I ended up just helping myself because that was the [missing] piece of the puzzle.

JG: Pam was telling me earlier how colorful your life had been.

JMK: It’s been interesting. Even before this, during my modeling days in the 90s, and I had the abusive relationship also, and then just travelling back and forth, just trying to make a living, starting everything on my own at 15. So there’s been a lot of hard knocks in my life. But also there’s been such pleasurable moments. And I think in life, self-discovery is always constant. It doesn’t say, This is who I am, accept it. No. Actually what we don’t realize is we’re actually constantly changing. We’re actually all in transition ourselves. And how amazing is that? We can all transition, it’s just up to ourselves on how we plan it, what you want. Sometimes it’s a little easy when you look at it that way. It doesn’t have to be so hard.

PQ: But it’s great also that you express it. Your feelings. Not everyone can.

JMK: How hard is it for those who can’t. I didn’t realize that there’s so many people that have reached out to Ian. There’s so many that are hiding. So it’s scary. And then with the messages I’ve been getting from an assortment of people, just so in awe of just what we have, and wishing that they had the same, or just wishing that they could just be their true selves—wow. What we’ve done has become quite like an atomic bomb, of love. And maybe there’ll be more, like others that will be like, Okay, screw this stuff, I’m just going to come out and be who I believe I should be. And to see the acceptance that we have, I think it’s a good time [to come out].

PR: It can open doors for a lot of people. Have you guys thought about having your own children, whether your own or through adoption?

JMK: Well, the animals there are the four-legged children [Joey has several dogs and cats at home]. But before when we got together in a relationship that was what Ian asked. He was like, I’m okay, if we did have a child, I will support us and make sure that our child is clothed and educated. But I don’t want to have children. He has a son, Iñigo—I think that just really rocked him up at 15 years old. [Ian was a] Dad at 15. Iñigo is now 20. I’m good [with not having a child]. I’m down with it. Besides, the mother in me is adopting every stray cat. You have no family? Come here! I’ll take care of you! I’m very compassionate with animals.

PR: I like the fact that you don’t have to define things. We’re not used to not defining things. And I think the world is changing. You’ve seen it in the past couple of years. People are getting more open-minded. It’s nothing short of miraculous. I think it’s a clear sign that people’s mindsets are changing, without them doing it consciously.

JMK: We got the sources like Caitlyn. We were actually monitoring Bruce, knowing that, okay, Bruce is definitely transgender. And when that came out, I think that was able to pave the way, because Bruce is also like—would you say a straight transgender? Unsure? Not yet. But just happy being finally Caitlyn. So that was a big change. And then coming out with the frickin’ Vanity Fair cover. Kaboom! We watch Caitlyn, so it’s good to see the different ages of transgenders that she has on her show—and all the TV shows coming out, shows that are still there, Orange is the New Black, Transparent.

PR: Did the coming out of Caitlyn help Ian?

JMK: It was a big introduction. And then those who’ve watched Danish Girl, they were telling us, “Joe, don’t watch Danish Girl na because I was really traumatized by it.” Ian downloaded it, and we were watching it in bed, and we were laughing. Oh my god, babe, oh my god, oh my god! [laughs] We weren’t traumatized. I was not crying. We were just like, wow, medyo too much yung movie ha. Medyo over. You cant have ovaries. Take it back a notch. But the moments where Gerda [Vikander’s character] was losing her mind? I related to that so much. That was the four years when Ian said, “I want to do this daily.” It was like, “I just want my husband, can I have my husband?” Alicia portrayed it so well. She was lost, she was in the rain. And the emotions she showcased were the same to how I felt. You don’t know what’s happening, this is so confusing. This wasn’t what we had planned. This was supposed to be fun! But when Girda went fully supportive of Lili through and through, it’s also what I felt. You just make a decision. And that’s how I felt. I made my decision.

PR: You mentioned Ian’s son. How’s Ian with Iñigo?

JMK: God, Iñigo’s the coolest kid in the block, man. He calls him mom. Ian told Iñigo this year, when they went snowboarding, and Iñigo’s into cosplay, so there’s something they have in common [laughter]. Iñigo’s cool. Got their hair done different colors when they were together in LA.

PQ: That’s amazing.

JMK: Iñigo was here when dad passed away. And then I got a chance to get to know Iñigo when he lived with us in the house. This boy is really empathic. He feels for people a lot. I knew that he would be really supportive.

JG: So what’s it like when you’re abroad? When you’re not here. In gay pride marches, for example.

JMK: It’s great. It’s so much fun. Of course, you see so many different types of people from all parts of the world, and we don’t really have that here.

PR: How about coming out to his father, was that difficult?

JMK: Yes. Telling them in the beginning was difficult, for dad. He was being educated by Mom Ling. It was Mom Ling who just kept feeding it to dad. When dad was sick in Germany, when he was in the recovery state na, that’s when I went to visit Ian there. I had the opportunity to also express my thoughts to dad. So I wrote a letter for him. And he still had that tube in his neck, so he couldn’t speak yet, but he was just watching me as I read the letter.

It went, “Dad, I’m very happy that you are now in the recovery stage. We want you to be strong, and wanted to share this with you. I know you were apprehensive of me asking for your son’s hand in marriage. It’s kind of not normal, but I wanted you to see what I saw. See, Ian has been taking care of you these last two months”—Ian was hands-on with his dad in Germany—“And you see how caring and nurturing he is, and I saw this, and I selfishly wanted this for myself. I wanted to marry this human being. But now you see why I asked.” And I go, “Dad, I never had a father, and I always imagined it would be Omar Shariff that would come and take me away on his horse and bring me to the palace and say ‘Here is your 18th birthday gift! Your 21st birthday gift! And all the things I missed out from my own father!’ I’ve had this fantasy for a long time, but you are my father, and I love you, and I want you to recover from all of this.” And he said, [mouthing the words] “Thank you.”

Because I wanted him to know that his son, he has that femininity which is just an innate ability to just want to take care and love without any questions, without anything in return. And this is what Ian was feeling and doing, and this is why I think Ian was slowly coming into this “who I am” stage. It was [a period of] change for Ian that time. So dad was super softened up from then on. Even after his heart surgery, which was a few years before that, dad was a lot more understanding. And then pretty much like, yeah, months before dad’s passing, dad was full force. “We’re gonna do a PR thing for Ian. We’re gonna do something so our employees will be able to understand him more.” So dad was very supportive.

PR: I have no words.

PQ: Same!

JMK: Thanks guys—it’s really lovely when people say it, but I feel like it’s so normal for us? We have trials and tribulations like everybody else does.

PR: But for now, all is good.

JMK: It’s super sunny, but there will be moments where there’s a storm. But like I said, I’m riding it through.

Original article here.


Your Greatest Tool - Imagination

... you can use your imagination to propel you into your greatest dreams and aspirations or plunge you down into your biggest fears. But one thing is for sure, what you focus upon will always expand, so we encourage you to choose wisely. ~ Angelic Guides / Taryn Crimi

If you're wanting to master your reality, as I am, I can't think of a more pertinent article than the following. I first posted this article here, but am reproducing it below, in it's entirety. Enjoy InJoy!

“Are you using your imagination the way your soul intended?”

Angelic Guides through Taryn Crimi

April 19, 2017

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the vast topic of your imagination. All of you came here equipped with this magnificent tool and yet we watch as so many misuse it. We would like to take this time to briefly discuss the true purpose of your imagination and what you can do to ensure that you use it the way your soul had intended.

From our perspective everything is simply energy which resonates at its own unique frequency. Your five physical senses are capable of translating vibration into a sight, a sound, a taste, a touch and a smell, however you have become so accustomed to utilizing your physical senses to determine the “realness” of your reality that you don’t even consciously realize that you are continually translating your vibrational reality into a physical reality. However here is the catch, you only have access to what you have matched vibrationally. In other words, the sights that you see as you look out your window, the smells in the air and so on are an exact match to the vibration you are pulsing out at any given time. Remember, you cannot experience what you do not resonate with.

You have at your disposal the most powerful tool which can transport you to any place in any time for as long as you choose. You can use this tool to conjure the most magnificent reality you could possibly imagine or you can use it to torture yourself with worry, anxiety and your greatest fears of what’s to come. This tool is of course your imagination. We do not perceive any difference between the thoughts and images you hold in your imagination and the reality which you stand within that you are certain is more “real” because it is tangible. From our perspective, everything is a vibrational reality. Yet we understand that for the time being you very much want your dreams to not only be vibrational but physical as well.

Well, we will tell you this, the only thing that makes it more tangible is that you have found a way to match the vibration of your physical reality, which you are translating so perfectly that you have attracted it into your physical experience. Everything you have, every circumstance you experience, once was a thought, it was simply an un-translated vibration. We often times like to use simple analogies to try to make what appears to be a very complex topic into one that can be easily understood. Take your television for instance. You understand that you must turn it on in order to watch a particular channel. You also understand that the one that you are watching is not the only channel that exists. Rather, there are many different channels that are being broadcast at all times and all you must do is simply change the channel that you are tuned to in order to experience a new “show”. Such is the case with your vibration. The experiences that you are creating are a direct result of the vibration that you are tuned to. It is what we like to call the “channel” of your life.

Your imagination is the preview of what is located on all the other potential channels that you can access. We can guarantee that you have the ability to physically experience anything that you have seen in your imagination regardless of how big it may appear because you wouldn’t have been able to conjure the thought in the first place if you did not also have the ability to fully tune yourself to that reality.

The imagination is meant to be used in the most creative, magnificent way; to help you to create the life of your dreams, to be able to experience what you desire most before it is attracted into your physical reality. You can play there as long as you like, no one can remove you but you. You can continue to expand upon your dreams in your imagination until you become so familiar with the experience that you essentially match the vibration necessary to attract it into your reality. Remember, the Universe is constantly reflecting back to you what you have sent out vibrationally. The Universe cannot decipher the difference between whether you are focused upon in your imagination or if you are focused upon something in your physical reality, all that matters is how your focus makes you feel. That focus essentially determines what other experiences will be attracted into your reality which are a match to that vibrational resonance.

So you see, you can use your imagination to propel you into your greatest dreams and aspirations or plunge you down into your biggest fears. But one thing is for sure, what you focus upon will always expand, so we encourage you to choose wisely. Let your dreams soar, play in your imagination as often as you can and soon the very dreams you once thought were only held in your imagination will become your new physical reality.

We hope that we have served you in some way.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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Choice Point: NEW Earth or Old - Lisa Brown

October-December 2017 Multi-Dimensional Quantum Energy Report: Choice Point - NEW Earth or Old

By Lisa Transcendence Brown

October 1, 2017

This is CHOICE POINT for many transitioning over to "get off the fence" of straddling the old & new to prepare to JUMP Quantum Style (non-linearly and "fast") into much higher timelines by holding that consciousness and DOing Soul-aligned realities (instead of human/ego aligned ones).


Let go of any judgment that holds you to your old limited-separated realities, which is unconscious programs too. Open up fully. It's exquisite and freeing as we all do!

~ Lisa Transcendence Brown

(video link)


Achieving Your Permanent Residency On New Earth

"Your HEAVEN ON EARTH will materialize for you, when HEAVEN INSIDE is where you live, when/as you BRING YOUR SOUL SELF out, from within. As you share and maintain your own Christed State, being a Angel, being your Arcturian, Sirian, Lyran, LeMUrian (and more) ---- PURE ASPECTS without distortion of your human ego, then your outside will become HEAVEN ON EARTH for you to WALK-IN AND PLAY IN --- for you to EXPERIENCE, without having to "go back" to any other dimensional reality anymore..... You do this by embracing, holding and BEing your HIGHEST ASPECT YOU in every moment and no longer comprom[i]sing this for anything...." ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown

Achieving Your Permanent Residency On NEW Earth& Always Experiencing Heaven On Earth

By Lisa Transcendence Brown

September 2, 2017

It's not only do-able, it's already been done. It will not be an easy task, as you will have to work through every aspect of yourself that is not your Ascended Aspect of Christed Consciousness, God-Source-Creator Consciousness, Purity-Love Consciousness, to resolve and finally decide that the ONLY REALity you are willing to allow/create/participate in is NEW EARTH NOW.

This is about your EXPERIENCE, how you treat each other, how much you truly care, how much you keep perpetuating the old through your own separation-needs-beliefs and how much you RECOGNIZE the external reality as REFLECTING BACK TO YOU a multiple-dimensional EXPERIENCE, to show you what you still hold inside of you, your own consciousness or unconsciousness...

You WILL have to choose (Choice Point), in every moment (Zero Point), what you are willing to accept, what you are willing to do to intentionally anchor your highest dimensional reality/timelines into this physical here. No one can do this for you, only you can. That world out there, your Universe, your reality... and every EXPERIENCE will show you exactly what you need to see in order to understand/accept your RESPONSIBILITIES AS A BEING OF LIGHT and PURE LOVE here.

Every exchange will show you what physical dimension your body (and consciousness) is in. Every experience will provide you an opportUNITY TO CHOOSE HOW you desire to do this experience here. Your human will have drama, chaos, conflict and excuses, trying to hold on, with stories of obligation/guilt and who did what to who or who is doing what... when none of that matters... because it's your excuse that you keep speaking/telling yourself, it's your story that you've convinced yourself of that either keeps you in an old unconscious reality (that will eventually play out as HEAVEN or HELL) .... first the energy, then the physical...

As you DEDICATE YOURSELF TO SERVICE, dedicate yourself to anchoring LIGHT, dedicate yourself to ONLY BEING LOVE and transmitting the highest vibrational REALity, you will start to understand what is not PURE/LOVE/UNITY... and then you will have to choose... if you are going to continue that old version of you/reality or "take the higher road", hold the vision of the highest timelines available and do whatever you see/your YOUniverse shows you that you must do/contribute in order to achieve that reality in this physical here.

Multi-Dimensional Realities are a complilation of many things. It's opening up FULLY to the possibilities, the opportunities, the visions/dreams and realizing that those realities only occur when you achieve the OVERALL VIBRATION within yourself, with all of you and all that you have access to as well. You start to see the bigger picture, you actually LOOK TO SEE where you can actually contribute to making a difference and you do the things that your little human didn't want to do, thought menial or bring you into UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS as a part of the whole. You work through your own discomfort, stop sitting back expecting things to be easy... as they are easy AS/AFTER you've done the work. Inner work/outer work, both are important here. The outer work is as a result of what you hear/see/feel inside, it's what "helps" make things easier for all, yet not in the old ways of trying to fix/save, but in a way of that you actually care, about each other as SOULS and you come together as this.

OpportUNITY will present itself, and you have to be ready to JUMP, you have to be ready to embrace those Heavenly Realities that support, by becoming the supporter/supportive one. You have to be ready to step into the WayShower Role, to see how you can contribute and DO what you see, instead of seeing what you get out of things first...you will start to realize that you will RECEIVE based upon your contribution as LOVE.

Your HEAVEN ON EARTH will materialize for you, when HEAVEN INSIDE is where you live, when/as you BRING YOUR SOUL SELF out, from within. As you share and maintain your own Christed State, being a Angel, being your Arcturian, Sirian, Lyran, LeMUrian (and more) ---- PURE ASPECTS without distortion of your human ego, then your outside will become HEAVEN ON EARTH for you to WALK-IN AND PLAY IN --- for you to EXPERIENCE, without having to "go back" to any other dimensional reality anymore..... You do this by embracing, holding and BEing your HIGHEST ASPECT YOU in every moment and no longer compromsing this for anything....

It's not only possible, it's already REAL... Heaven is a PHYSICAL DIMENSION (Hell is too). Before 2012, these were just "etheric realms", yet the Ascension of Earth into Multi-Dimensionality changed all of this.... by opening up Physical Body Ascension for each to EXPERIENCE Heaven or Hell through increasing the POLARITY for each to awaken "faster", by whatever means necessary to remove/dissolve the VEILS OF AMNESIA that were a part of our AGREED psychotic state of Unconsciousness.

These Veils 'interrupted' your access, your ability to see & understand, because they were supposed to, as this was called YOUR HUMAN EXPERIENCE/EXPERIMENT here. The physical reality is a Symbol, a metaphor, an EXPERIENCE that your human aspect must DECIPHER & DECODE in order to start to truly see how all truly is now.

Your human aspect that lives from a limited human mind, a linear reality, cannot understand any of this, which requires physical experiences to resolve all of that ENERGY held in cellular memory, in every part of the physical body that only your Higher Self/Soul Self can see/feel/read/understand. Your heart must open FULLY for you to FEEL FULLY AGAIN, for you to start to listen to and understand your own feelings, listen to and understand your own pre-programmed beliefs that dictate the frequency bandwidths that your body vibrates in/out of constantly, easier when the density has been cleared. Every cell will go Photonic/Quantum and move within your body, racing and charging like never before to "carry you" (vibrate you) into a higher dimension. Your body will start to re-wire/re-calibrate/re-code it's DNA/Genetics and re-work itself and your own telepathic connection with your body and listening to your higher self will "tell you" what is going on, what needs your attention and what your body needs to do this evolutionary process easier....

Your ignorance/not wanting to listen/feel/hear/honor (ignoring) or your paying attention /listening /caring /supporting /embracing will dictate your experience here.

Heaven is already a PHYSICAL REALITY and can be experienced ALL OF THE TIME, AS it becomes IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO YOU. Your physical reality is DESIGNED to shift your consciousness, so that you will now choose/do this more often than not, until it's the only thing you choose.

NEW EARTH IS GALACTICS SOULS walking in a PHYSICAL REALITY, united, working together cohesively, as LOVE ... where beauty, magnificence, peace, kindness, consideration, caring, respect, honor, integrity, gratitude, appreciation, generosity, contribution are abundant, therefor all is infinitely abundant and EXPERIENCED in every moment and way too.

Each must access HEAVEN inside, the Higher Realms from inside, to that the LOWER REALMS/HELL can dissolve from inside, so that outside can re-align vibrationally to match this in the physical....

When you WALK in a YOUR PHYSICAL REALity, you walk as love, you walk in your Ascended State of Consciousness, you walk as the ONE that CREATED everything you EXPERIENCE here. You walk as an angel, as a Goddess/God (without Ego) as PURE DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE. You touch the lives of everyone, you hold the highest vibration there is, others FEEL that you actually CARE, they FEEL your PURITY... you need to tell them anything... for you TRANSMIT PURITY from the CORE & DEPTHS of your ENTIRE BEING.... OUT through a UNIFIED FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS that YOU MAINTAIN and HOLD.... THIS IS CALLED EMBODIMENT, where your entire physical reality is HEAVEN all of the time, and this can only occur/happen when it's the only space you occupy/allow yourself to reside.

YOU are the one that must anchor enough LIGHT within you for your whole REALity to shift/change. YOU are the one that must get up every day and focus your own energy on what you came here to do. You are the one that ULTIMATELY has to choose. You are the one that must "look out there" and see how you can contribute, you are the one that must step-up and be ready to fulfill your own Soul Purposes & Galactic Missions here. You do not "wait" for anyone/anything else to do any of this for you... you must do this yourself.

The Physical Earth is comprised of infinite-multiple dimensions that your consciousness must activate and achieve first. Then your body gets to come along... this is how all works. Magic, surprises and amazingness appears all around you as your Plasma Crystalline LightBody evolves, giving you the capABILITY to experience all of these dimensions in your physical reality. You must TUNE your vision, tune your thoughts, tune your vibration, tune your heart and entire being constantly to actually SEE and FEEL what was not visible before.

The planet & atomosphere is now FLOODING constantly with the highest frequencies of encoded Christed/Galactic/God Particle Light than ever before. The dense/sleeping human body was not equipped for multi-dimensional existence, therefore it must go through a rigorous transformation "to get up to speed", in order to walk multi-dimensionally....

The amount of DENSITY that was CREATED (required) to hold unconscious 3rd Dimension (and 4th Dimension) in place was immense. The process of de-densifying in order to transcend those physical dimensions is just as so....

The 5TH+ Dimensions (it's not just the 5th, as this is just the beginning, as each transitions/crosses over the RAINBOW BRIDGE) to ENTER the Gates of Heaven, to actually walk in/exist in these higher dimensional (Lighter Density) REALities that are not possible to the limited human mind, are only accessible as each decides to commit to HIGHEST EXISTENCE from inside and with all that they are/do. There is no other way to "get here".... it's got to be that IMPORTANT to each one ... or it is not achievable, because compromise will always enter in.

Judgment is a leading form of separation, because your human still plays in duality realities inside. You must become the OBSERVER of REALities through your own Higher Consciousness Soul Heart and accept what is not logical, release that which no longer serves your own UNITY-CONSCIOUSNESS-LOVE Existence here. This will never be about anyone else... this will always be about you and what you are creating, allowing, doing, being and your own contributions for all of HUmanity here. When you judge, you separate off. When you hold back, you separate off. When your heart closes, your mind does too and you separate off. When you allow your head to run the show, you separate off. Where you hold resistance inside, you hold yourself in separation. Where you make excuses, you do this too. Where you are not ready to OWN all and release it/reconcile it and return all to LOVE, YOU hold on to ENERGETIC REALities, that transmit the frequency for the reality you experience UNTIL you are ready/willing/able to finally shift. Every ounce of that old unconsious programmed energy must dissolve for you to ACCOMPLISH shifting your whole YOU to a higher dimensional plane where you get to actually EXPERIENCE highest everything in your every experience here.

Yes, EVERY EXPERIENCE can be the most amazing everything, if this is what you hold, if this is the only thing that you will entertain and allow... It's your separated human aspect that disconnected and kept creating the old realities for you to keep experiencing until you got tired of those, until you broke/broke down (this breaking actually breaks the geometrics that held the old constructs of reality in place within you), until those molecules/cells can integrate these new encodements into them and RE-SHAPE YOUR REALITY... in order to take new physical form "out there"....

Your every action, your every thought, your every belief.... transmits ENCODED TRANSMISSIONS that tell physical matter HOW TO TAKE SHAPE and MATERIALIZE your Physical REALITY for you... Your human aspect of you, does not hold the ability to "do this at will", as it has not gained/achieved/accessed Christed/God/Source Consciousness, which gives you these easy and simple capABILITIES here. HOLDING your most expanded State of Consciousness is HOW you gain/achieve these abilities again. Your heart & mind must be PURE, for your template to be RESTORED to PURITY, your original template, which activates PURE ALCHEMY states with great ease... and just by BEing your highest aspects of yourself in your every moment here.

Your physical reality is a CREATION from within you. Returning to your own Christed State, returns you to SOURCE CREATOR again. This POWER, this ESSENCE, this is a way of BEING... it's a whole new EXISTENCE... it's not a "just here and there" or "when it serves your own human wants".... it's how you LIVE YOUR LIFE, it's HOW YOU TREAT OTHERS, it's HOW YOU CONNECT and communication through a deep profound sacred love and respect that transcends all things human....

HEAVEN is a place now, that you WALK IN and materializes all around you as you HOLD YOUR PUREST STATE from inside and as you no longer accept less or keep recreating less to experience in your own physical reality world.....

There are no words to describe the experience or explain fully, as it has to be EXPERIENCED to understand. This is not a "free ride", you do not get to sit around and wait for it to happen for you, you actually have to do the work to integrate integrate integrate and step up constantly until your "new way" is easy, natural and everything is fully aligned.

When you open your eyes, look for the different dimensions, FEEL them and identify each one so that YOU CAN UNDERSTAND.... then choose to continually shift your own vibration to experience the ONES that support achieving HEAVEN ON EARTH here. Open your MIND to actually look, decipher and see.... then you will REALize what you must do.... and listen to your You-niverse as it instructs you... for as you MERGE FULLY, there will be no more separation and you'll stop "going back" because you won't allow this/or choose it anymore....

I love you! I'll share some photos of walking in Plasma Crystalline Heaven, as there are no words for capturing the entire actual experience. These do reflect... In order for each to truly understand, I'd have to share every moment, which is not possible. Make/anchor/integrate your own Heaven by letting go/releasing all from within that is not. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. The moments that are not magical and amazing, are showing you what is no longer in vibrational alignment, what you are to release/releasing (on a cellular level/from your own consciousness) and where you have to actually choose/decide, where you need to re-align fully from within you.... for "that" represents your "old unconscious you" or your new/higher dimensional realities.... Keep intentionally tuning/re-tuning. Your physical experience depends on this. Keep anchoring & integrating. ♥